If Genesis 1 is not to be taken literally, all …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Vialo Weis.

If Genesis 1 is not to be taken literally, all kinds of human ideas can be put into the text. Understanding the ancient world is important in terms of context. However, the ancient world is not to determine our hermeneutic. The Scriptures are to be allowed to reveal its hermeneutic.

The real issue here is the authority of the Scriptures. Is the mind to be exalted above the Scriptures imposing a hermeneutic on it or are the Scriptures is to be exalted above the mind as God’s revelation to us with the Scriptures allowed to reveal its own hermeneutic? The latter is the only safe course.

Why is this important? Our world is moving rapidly to the end of time. “None but those who have fortified the mind with the truths of the Bible will stand through the last great conflict.” GC 593, 594.

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