We seem to have so many definitions of what a …

Comment on Perspectives from alleged LSU students by Shane Hilde.

We seem to have so many definitions of what a Seventh-day Adventist is, we could define an Adventist as a member of a church that could quite possibly believe in anything.

Seventh-day Adventists as defined by the voted fundamental beliefs believe in a recent, six-day creation. Adventists do not believe in the theory of evolution. You can’t rightfully define yourself as a Seventh-day Adventist while rejecting the fundamental beliefs of the church.

Is Adventism now pluralism? I think for many it may be just that.

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students
@Blodgett: Was there a comment you’d like to add?

Perspectives from alleged LSU students

David Kendall, BMus, MA: I stated that they are committed Christians and Adventists, which is a major and substative point of contention here on Educate Truth.

That’s for sure! Here is some anecdotal evidence for why it’s point of contention (at least for me).

1. Professor B has labelled creationists lunatics and is merely an Adventist in name (implied by himself).
2. Professor G rejects the divinity of Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, and Ellen White as a messenger of God.
3. Professor L has posted cartoons mocking creation scientists on his office door.

So out of those three, two of them aren’t Seventh-day Adventist by any definition and out of those two one of them isn’t even Christian.

So when people laud how these professors are such committed Adventists, my response is “not so.”

It’s no wonder they can’t and don’t represent the church’s position in their classrooms. At the very least they’re cultural Adventists that adhere to a very different worldview.

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ADvindicate has also published an article about LSU and Raul Diaz that expands on a few details.


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@Eddie: The Bible does not specify an age of accountability (to my knowledge), but the Israelites considered the age of 12 to be the turning point. I wouldn’t base a theology off of tradition though. Also, it’s not our place to judge what happens to those who have not been able to make a decision.

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@David Read: And perhaps not something Christ would do. I can understand your frustration though. I’ve been on the verge of quitting this whole thing many times. I’ve been guilty of letting that frustration control and influence things I shouldn’t have said.

I have to remind myself to look at the big picture. In the end all those who are not supposed to be in the church will be sifted out. I pray I am not one of them.

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I know from talking to a couple of reporters from Press Enterprise and Inside Higher Ed that Randal Wisbey was effective in shutting down communication between any outsiders and the biology faculty. It appears he made himself the only channel of communication between the board and biology faculty.

I emailed Larry Becker about what bylaw the board members broke that was worthy of dismissal, and I have yet to hear a response from him.

I would also note that board members at other universities appear to be free to talk to the faculty.

Another interesting point. He removes three board members for trying to work on the problem and come up with a solution, and then turns around sort of embraces what they’re doing. He can’t publicly condemn it because everyone can see, whether you agree with what they wrote or not, that it’s a significant step for the faculty to be speaking to the church.

Did he forbid the document from being published? No. If you’re really excited about seeing the biology department making advancements in solving the issue, why are you removing the people who are making that happen. He never did anything like that.

What has Wisbey done to address and fix this issue? Nothing. He’s dragged it out, lied about what’s been happening, and told everyone involved to shut up or get in trouble. What on earth is he trying to do?

Who knows, he might even be a part of the underground movement to sever LSU from the church by using WASC as the big hammer. It’s obvious from one former board member, there was interest in using WASC to manipulate the situation.

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@Holly Pham: These individuals were using real names, but were most likely not their own names. I personally don’t mind people posting comments anonymously, but I do mind if they’re being malicious about it.

These individuals like to take off the wall comments made by over zealous supporters and exaggerate them all the more, trying to control the general tone of the comments. It’s tactic people who are in the wrong use. If you can’t win the argument, try to make them look bad.