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This was just recently published on, but was being handed out at the LSU booth at the GC session. Educate Truth responded to an excerpt of this document here:

To Seek:

La Sierra University is a Seventh-day Adventist university. This means that we take seriously our Biblical worldview and our faith, as well as our academic discipline. Because we believe that “all truth is God’s truth,” we seek honestly and openly to examine and interpret data from God’s book of nature. We recognize that our students represent a variety of beliefs and faith journeys, and we seek to teach and learn together in a context of humility and respect.

Our classrooms are not the only locations in which students find knowledge. Our professors offer an array of working laboratories for hands-on experience and learning. Dr. Eugene Joseph encourages his students to think outside the box when designing research projects to prevent or mitigate bone loss due to prolonged bed rest, space flight, osteoporosis, and other disorders of the bone. Dr. Natasha Dean supervises students as they aid in her research on microbes and how they interact with their environment. They are looking at ways to better control the growth of bacteria. Dr. Shereen Sabet takes her students into the field (pictured above, center) collecting samples of “salt loving” viruses. She is intrigued by a class of microorganisms known as extremophiles which survive in very extreme, harsh environmental conditions.

Summer research trips to Southeast Asia are supervised by Dr. Lee Grismer. “It is great to be in an untouched part of the world, being able to see God’s original design without the edits of civilization and being able to discover new species previously unknown to science,” says Dr. Grismer (see photo on back for an example of a newly discovered species). Students are able to continue their research on campus either in Dr. Grismer’s lab or with Dr. Lee Greer as they examine DNA samples from the specimens collected. Undergraduate students coauthor papers with their professors and are published in peer-reviewed journals. They engage in serious science, searching for cures and increasing knowledge. These are just a few of the projects in which our students participate, and share with the world the wonders of God’s creation.

Our biology curriculum offers a selection of classes with both breadth and depth. It should be pointed out that the theory of evolution is discussed, but not promoted, at La Sierra University. We believe that God the Creator is the source of all life. Students examine our denomination’s voted fundamental belief regarding creation and understand the data used to support our faith in creation. We believe that by providing a complete curriculum grounded in biological principles, paralleled and supported by a strong general education curriculum, students will be able to graduate with an integrated knowledge of their discipline as well as a stronger faith and understanding of God as their Creator and Saviour. The scientific data are presented just as they are at most other Seventh-day Adventist institutions, often with the same textbook. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that students receive a complete and comprehensive education as warranted by their given program of study.

Our biology faculty have heard, and taken seriously, the questions and concerns expressed by some in our church. We continue to take steps to ensure that our students understand the Adventist Church’s voted position on creation and to help them understand the arguments that are used to support the statement of fundamental belief in creation.

To Know:

As Christian educators, we are committed to serving God by being mentors for each student who walks through our doors. We value the opportunity to pray with our students in and out of class, to sit next to them in University Worship on Thursday mornings at the church, and to engage in meaningful dialogue with them about life. We may not hear about every student whose life was touched, but when we do, it is an affirmation that we are where God wants us to be. Students testify of our care:

“I found La Sierra, and all the professors there, whether in science or religion, to be committed to a lived faith. At La Sierra I understood the broader meaning of being an SDA Christian: of discipleship, of service, and of participating actively in reflecting the Kingdom of God. I am very grateful for what La Sierra gave me.”

Kristel Tonstad ’04

“I love La Sierra and La Sierra loved me! I’m extremely blessed (in all ways) to attend LSU and be a science major. I think that God Himself led me here and there is no place that would have strengthened my faith as much as LSU did.”

Ivan Rybkin ’10 (pictured below center)

“I graduated with a biology degree from La Sierra in 2007, and my experience with the biology teachers was enriching, both academically and spiritually. I always felt that each and every one of them cared deeply about my education in biology as well as my spiritual growth. They make it clear that they believe in a creator God and that this belief is not challenged by any biological theory they accept.”

Casey Capolupo ’07

To Serve:

“Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). To prepare our students for life requires more than reading a textbook or learning from a lab experiment. We help them use the talents that God has given them to share Him with others.

This year we watched our classroom studies on environmental conservation come to life as Dr. John Perumal took more than 150 students to participate in the Aliso Beach cleanup on April 23. Spring break was filled with service opportunities as our students worked with Dr. Lee Greer and Project Pueblo, assisting the Navajo Nation in researching uranium contamination that has polluted their water, homes, and air for decades. They also laid foundations for the future installation of solar panels.

The Pre-Med students and sponsor Dr. Eugene Joseph regularly do mission service in Guatemala where they interact with local orphanages and help with clinics during winter break. The passion to serve others, following the example of Jesus, is seen in our students and faculty.

We are dedicated to helping our students seek scientific truth, know the Lord as their personal Savior and Creator, and serve Him throughout their lives.

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  1. “And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

    1 Samuel 15:22


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  2. What LSU has said above about the idea of not “promoting” evolution in the classroom is unmitigated nonsense. I’ve watched some of the lectures, and read some of the material from the syllabuses, as I’m sure many of the readers of EducateTruth have. If one takes the position that they are not actively promoting evolution, one must also realize that they are actively undermining our belief in Scripture (particularly Genesis 1), and our tried and true method of interpreting Scripture. One doesn’t need a gun to shoot down an enemy; false propaganda can accomplish the same thing. And that’s what they appear to be doing.


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  3. Too bad this text doesn’t apply. In a broader sense the characterization of this as “propoganda” is the defamation that is troubling.  (Quote)

    Ah, but it does. Doing good (sacrifice) is no substitute for obedience to the word.

    Rev 14:6,7
    “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”

    Sorry but feeding the poor, building classrooms, helping the sick are all good things – but they don’t hold up in the face of lack of obedience.

    Why don’t they do both?


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  4. @Mark T:
    It is propaganda when many of the Professors referenced express privately different views than LSU is displaying publicly.  

    Exactly! Wisbey and the others at LSU will never be held responsible as long as the Board and the Pacific Union Conference drag their feet.


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  5. Propaganda carefully crafted generally takes the form of “appearing to say one thing – while reall saying another”.

    For example “Doctors prefer Crest” makes it appear that all or the majority of doctors prefer or recommend Crest to their patients when in fact all that is needed for the statement to be true is that more than 1 doctor prefers to brush his teeth with Crest toothpaste.

    Here is where “critical thinking” would be of service to the reader in a true caveat emptor fashion.

    In the case of LSU today – we have the poster child for caveat emptor.

    in Christ,



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  6. The LSU “Sabbath Sermon” — “More to the Story” is posted at Spectrum and at

    In that sermon you will discover that “Ellen White did not like conservatives” and that a church where “hardly two or three agreed” but yet all were in complete harmony is the church of the 1800’s.

    A few of the ending comments in that video with a few minor comments in parenthesis by me –

    40:50 – Pastor Chris Oberg said: “two things come to mind as I listened carefully to what I heard Fritz Guy say.

    (Thing -1)

    40:59 – “I heard Fritz say that the old time religion that was good enough for Grandma and Grandpa might not be sufficient today. It helps us feel calm when we’re anxious, its familiar its what we know but it isn’t the whole story. We wouldn’t want the medical care of 100 years ago… who here wants the medical care of 100 years ago. When Uriah Smith was 12 ” (A story about a doctor cutting Uriah Smith’s leg off on the kitchen table without anesthesia – follows)

    41:48 “Do you want the medicine of 100 years ago? I don’t!”… 42:00 “do you want the politics where only Anglo men can vote in society. That’s 100 years ago! Do you want the educational system of 100 years ago? No! 42:12 The old time religion that is foundational that is precious to us is not the end of the story”.


    42:23 – “I am also thinking that we your pastors at La Sierra want you to be very clear on this church members because it has become very popular now in Adventist Christianity to say – ‘well if we can’t agree on this we are not even Adventist’. If you don’t believe in this (the ten horns and what they mean) we will not survive as a church. Language we heard in the 1888’s we heard it in 1901, 1905 we heard it again in Atlanta a few weeks ago. If we don’t all agree we can’t move ahead or somebody in the circle must not be Adventist”. 43:00 “But in our early history we learned all the time, month after month, year after year they’ll say ‘we had a meeting where hardly two of us agreed, yet we left in harmony. We lived our life in the early years not all of us agreeing” (Examples of some agreeing with health reform and Sabbath “earlier than others”). 43:25 “Some never did understand Ellen White’s ministry and claim it for their own. The editor of the Review, the two most important men in charge of the paper for Adventist Christianity didn’t agree theologically on the trinity and the nature of Christ, yet they can work 10,20,30,40 years together and help the church grow and thrive. ”

    43:48 “It is a fallacy when someone says ‘unless 16 million Adventist Christians believe and think alike we are not Adventist. That’s a fallacy. (the sound of LSU clapping). Because just spend a week with Adventist Christians from around the globe and watch what the eat and what they drink and what the do on Sabbath and watch what they wear and how they worship and watch how they describe their family life at home…do that spend a week with a few 100 thousand Adventist Christians and you will see that we don’t have to behave and think precisely alike to be Adventists” (The grand equivocation)

    44:48 “So when someone tries to persuade you – unless this or unless that you’re not Adventist and unless 16 million of us all move the boat this way – not Adventist. I just want to say to you La Sierra Christians there is more to the story there is always more to the story always more light up ahead.” (the grand equivocation combined with the “story” told in Genesis 3 to Eve)

    45:06 “Let us not be persuaded by what is going on in culture – because it is so popular in the world right now to draw lines in the sand to name the two parties involved to say who is right and who is wrong” (As Oberg just did in complaining about Atlanta a few weeks ago) “to say who is in and who is out. To identify the point of view and to cluster around it and to mark others –…– are very savvy about this. And that’s what is creeping into the church right now. Where we are drawing lines and naming sides and calling some in, and some out and who are the real Adventists and who aren’t and I want to tell you there is nothing more unbiblical or unadventist than that idea”. (Now completely leaping into the shoes of the attitude Oberg is supposedly trying to condemn.) “We can all be Adventist Christians”.

    in Christ,



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  7. In the post above – one of the arguments in favor of “unity in doctrinal chaos” that LSU’s pastor Oberg makes is in the form of a claim that it was common in the 1800’s for Adventists to be in doctrinal chaos and yet in perfect harmony and unity. The idea being that doctrinal chaos is in no way contrary to the unity, development and growth of the Adventist church.

    Let us go to the source on that point and see if pastor Oberg has told even half of the truth in that regard.

    Our first conference was at Volney in Bro. Arnold’s barn. There were about thirty-five present, all that could be collected in that part of the State. There were hardly two agreed. Each was strenuous for his views, declaring
    2SG 98
    that they were according to the Bible. All were anxious for an opportunity to advance their sentiments, or to preach to us. They were told that we had not come so great a distance to hear them, but had come to teach them the truth. Bro. Arnold held that the 1000 years of Rev 20 were in the past; and that the 144,000 were those raised at Christ’s resurrection. And as we had the emblem of our dying Lord before us, and was about to commemorate his sufferings, Bro. A. arose and said he had no faith in what we were about to do; that the Sacrament was a continuation of the Passover, to be observed but once a year. {2SG 97.2}

    These strange differences of opinion rolled a heavy weight upon me, especially as Bro. A. spoke of the 1000 years being in the past. I knew that he was in error, and great grief pressed my spirits; for it seemed to me that God was dishonored. I fainted under the burden. Brethren Bates, Chamberlain, Gurney, Edson, and my husband, prayed for me. Some feared I was dying. But the Lord heard the prayers of his servants, and I revived. The light of Heaven rested upon me. I was soon lost to earthly things. My accompanying angel presented before me some of the errors of those present, and also the truth in contrast with their errors. That these discordant views, which they claimed to be according to the Bible, were only according to their opinion of the
    2SG 99
    Bible, and that their errors must be yielded, and they unite upon the third angel’s message. Our meeting ended victoriously. Truth gained the victory. {2SG 98.1}

    Clearly the “inconvenient details” do not support Oberg’s statement

    Chris Oberg: at 43:00 “But in our early history we learned all the time, month after month, year after year they’ll say ‘we had a meeting where hardly two of us agreed, yet we left in harmony. We lived our life in the early years not all of us agreeing”

    in Christ,



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  8. Every time they mention the church’s position on creation, it is prefixed by the word, “voted”. They want to imply that the church’s stance on this is about a vote rather than about scripture, as if a vote can mandate the meaning of scripture. This is Satan at his most subtle, and their twisted truth is so close to the reality that you need spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit to understand what is really being said. Yea, hath God really said we were created in seven literal days, or was that just the majority vote?


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  9. I agree with you lulubel that we must not depend solely on what was “voted”. However, I think the cart was before the horse here. If you look at the order of events.

    1) God created the world in 6 days
    2) Moses wrote it down in Genesis
    3) Jesus confirms that this is the case
    4) The whole Christian world agrees that this happened
    5) Darwin published “Origin of the Species”/SDA church organized
    6) Athesits believe that the world was not created in 6 days
    7) SDA church puts down their beliefs (vote) including those about creation in a way (they think) is unambiguous
    8) Certain SDA Professors start to believe that evolution is a better explanation on how God might have created the world and they twist the words voted previously in the SDA fundamental beliefs to state that they are within the beliefs of the church to continue in this way.
    9) The church clarifies there position by voting on a better wording to substantiate a belief that goes back to #2

    I hope that the church’s stance is based on #2 (since #1 can’t be verified in a religious sense without #2) rather than #7 or #9.


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  10. It shouldn’t be “the church says it, so you have to believe it.” However we shouldn’t let man’s wisdom and biases,colored by the desire to get rid of God,effect it.It should be “The Bible said it, so I believe it beginning with Genesis 1:1-3 to John 1:1-3 and everywhere else where the wise people in the Bible, esp. Jesus,say it was created in six days, and it just happens that this is what the Seventh-day Adventist church believes. I think the people educated in the big universities are brainwashed and bring it back to our institutions which in turn are brainwashing our students. There are thousands of highly educated scientists that believe in a six day creation. They could see the problems with evolution. Some even started out as evolutionists. Actually only 7% of mathematicians believe in evolution. They can see that time wouldn’t allow what we have here. You don’t have to be a dummy to believe in creation. Actually in my studies, it seems the other way around. It’s just the evolutionists are so loud and blatant about their claims so many are convinced they must know something. They don’t. Just because everyone keeps Sunday instead of Sabbath, doesn’t mean they are right and must know something we don’t know. How could you not believe in a six day creation and the 7th day Sabbath and consider yourself an Adventist? Mixing in evolution is sort of like adding Mary worship to our doctrines.


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  11. Every time they mention the church’s position on creation, it is prefixed by the word, “voted”. They want to imply that the church’s stance on this is about a vote rather than about scripture, as if a vote can mandate the meaning of scripture. This is Satan at his most subtle, and their twisted truth is so close to the reality that you need spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit to understand what is really being said. Yea, hath God really said we were created in seven literal days, or was that just the majority vote?  
    I suggest you actually read the Bible to find out. What does it say? How doth thou readest?


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  12. I am not a “scientist” in any sense of the word although I did take General, Organic and Food Chemistry (can’t remember the exact name of this course–after all, I graduated in 1949 and some of these details are somewhat vague at this point!) My field of study was nutrition and child care.

    While interested in, and total belief in, the Biblical account of our beginnings I simply did not have the time to delve deeply into the subject after graduation. I was very busy mother rearing five children, helping my husband with his business and caring for his elderly parents for over 20 years plus helping out in Sabbath School and other church activities. After all one,often very tired, woman, can only do so much!

    But I am very interested–and concerned–over the “raging debate” about the teaching of evolution in some of our institutions (LSU seems to be the focal point right now.)

    The thing that concerns me a great deal at this point is the idea that there is no scientific information to support “Intelligent Design.” At least that is the statement I’ve heard numerous times on this site. I was not at the General Conference in Atlanta so was unable to hear for myself things that were said by the defenders of our belief in creation but from what I have heard (in a round-about way) there were apparently some of our scientists who were rather weak in their own beliefs–they believed it “by faith” but really had no scientific support for it. If this is truly the case I am absolutely appalled!

    In other places on this site I have suggested that these scientists (and any others who want to hear the “Other Side of the Story”) subscribe to “Acts and Facts” a monthly publication by the “Institute for Creation Research.” To my knowledge this is an independent organization and not the “child” of any particular denomination. It is staffed by credible scientists whose one mission in life is to show scientific evidence that there HAD to be an Intelligent Mind behind the origin of our world. Their magazine is free (at least I’ve never had to pay for my subscription) and packed with all kinds of research–and they have many books and other publications ranging from small books for children to very serious publications for scientists.

    I do not mean to be critical but I simply do not understand is why so many of OUR scientists do not seem to be able to send out the same clear, unapologetic message. We have all sorts of books on most of our other Fundamental Beliefs but, as far as I can tell, nothing much on this topic. Why?

    I have been an Adventist all of my life and I can never remember reading much of anything scientific on this subject in any of our publications supporting our belief in creation. Somehow it was never a problem to me–the Bible said it and I believed it (still do!) But is glaringly obvious that we need, and have needed, for many years the clear trumpet sound of scientific evidence. Please don’t try to tell me it isn’t available–ICR seems to be able to find it and we certainly should also! After all, we are supposed to be the “head, not the tail” in all things scriptural!

    This is not some “minor” point that we can simply overlook. God has not left us to fumble around in the dark on this issue and if we are to be a people ready to meet the Lord in the clouds–and if we are to be able to show other inquiring minds that we truly have the final message to a dying world–we had better get our act together and be able to meet this heresy head on with solid science to back up our belief in Genesis1 and beyond!!

    Fellow Believers, we do need more faith–and we do need much prayer but I strongly believe God expects us to stop just fumbling around on ths issue and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE in this situation–starting with our scientific personnel , LSU and all up and down our whole system. Otherwise Jesus just may have come and gone and we will be left behind with our mouths open wondering “what happened?” (After all, we ARE Laodiceans you know!)


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  13. Lydian Belknap:

    This is only my opinion and none of anyone on this site.

    You said: “The thing that concerns me a great deal at this point is the idea that there is no scientific information to support “Intelligent Design.” At least that is the statement I’ve heard numerous times on this site”

    If you want to learn more I think you would really be interested in this man and his videos if you have not already. I get no money for referring him to you. He got me interested in this topic and energized me to do so.

    Watch his life story and his videos noted below:


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  14. @lulubel:

    Every time they mention the church’s position on creation, it is prefixed by the word, “voted”. They want to imply that the church’s stance on this is about a vote rather than about scripture, as if a vote can mandate the meaning of scripture. This is Satan at his most subtle, and their twisted truth is so close to the reality that you need spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit to understand what is really being said. Yea, hath God really said we were created in seven literal days, or was that just the majority vote?

    AGreed – the Evolutionist argument is never from the Bible – it is always from “the need to change the Bible” and then they try to back away from their own handiwork claiming that the only reason Bible believing Christians believe the Word of God “SIX days you shall labor…for in SIX days the Lord made” is — because of a “vote”.

    It is becoming politically “correct” nowdays to conclude that people CHOOSE to believe the Bible – only to the extent that it is NICE to believe the Bible.

    (Take the gay marriage issue for example). The idea is that if you CHOOSE to believe the bible in some area that is not “nice” for the National Academy of sciences, or not “nice” for the GLBT groups — then you have “chosen” a bad thing.

    There is almost a “who cares” attitude when it comes to “yes but what does the Bible say” question. The real issue for many of these “Bible is NOT the Word of God” groups is “are you politically savvy enough to believe ONLY those parts of the Bible that we SAY you can believe and still be NICE”.

    in Christ,



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