“There are classes within the science department that do teach …

Comment on La Sierra Academy students weigh in on creation/evolution debate by Keith Edgar.

“There are classes within the science department that do teach evolution, and then there is the religion department which teaches a recent creation. So it can be said that there is an equal balance of creation and evolution ideas. If one does not like the views shared in the science department, and cannot accept some of the facts presented, than the department is not for you and there are plenty other classes that you can take at LSU.”

@Jordan Blackwelder: If LSU is an SDA institution, then all classes taught and all department should be in harmony with each other and with the beliefs of the church. The student’s choice should not have to be between department within an institution, but rather the student’s choice should be between institutions. Once a student chooses to attend an SDA institution, it is only logical to believe that all class offering should be in harmony with the churches doctrines. If a student wants to study evolution there are plenty of secular schools they can attend.