Ken asked: “For example, it appears there may be a …

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Ken asked: “For example, it appears there may be a reformation afoot regarding the amendment of FB # 6. Is this God’s work or Man’s work? How does one distinguish who is inspired by God vs. their own personal views? And ultimately who controls the levers of power ( who will appoint the committee and voting members at the GC) to vote upon any change?”

To answer Ken’s question, EGW stated that the God’s highest spiritual authority on earth is the General Conference in session. If you want to know how the Fundamental Beliefs are changed search: “Protocol Statement on Additions or Revisions to the Statement of Fundamental Beliefs”. EGW also said the SDA church will go through to the end. She portrayed it as a ship that will have to throw overboard much weight, but will safely make it to heaven’s harbor.
The other F.B. that needs changing is F.B. # 22 to clearly say that the most healthful diet is an unrefined vegetarian diet. If meat is eaten scriptural instruction on unclean animals, blood, fat and cruelty should be followed. (Acts 15:20; Lev 3 & 17. Pr 12:10) The Holy Spirit clearly told the church that something similar to “kosher” should continue.

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The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
Sean, What are the options of church response? I would like to see a bio on each of the trustees who voted these new by-laws to see how closely each of them come to the qualifications for church leadership given in scripture, especially looking at their marriage and family history. Do their children support the SDA faith? Only public facts that are known to their circle of relatives and friends. No one should be trusted to be a trustee of an SDA university, if they have failed to convert their own children. This leaves a very small pool to choose from, but I believe God will bless us if we follow His instructions in choosing our leaders.

“Autonomy and Academic Freedom”: WASC’s 2010 Review of LSU
Eze 9:6 says judgment should begin “at my sanctuary” with the “ancient men”. There are retired but very active ministers at LSU that wear with honor their SDA Denominational Credential frocks. These ministers have openly stated support of long age evolution. These ministers have published heresy in gay revisionist books like “Homosexuality & Christianity, Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives”; yet mother church is SILENT. These men have leadership roles in the church. Heretical gay revisionist views & mega-evolution views are birds of a feather that flock together.

HOW CAN THE SDA CHURCH CLEAN THE LSU BIOLOGY DEPT HOUSE, UNTIL SHE FIRST CLEANS HER OWN??? Why are these men not removed from their influential teaching/preaching pulpits? Is this not the hour of judgment?

Creationist students find little support from LSU
Gen 1:2 says: “DARKNESS was over the surface of the deep”.
I have always wondered what this means. Darkness is a symbol for sin. Could it mean than after Satan was expelled from heaven, that he came to earth and claimed it as his own. He then set about to make his own creation.

1. In his 1st eon he set off some explosions and caused volcaneos to errupt to make some land.
2. In his next eon he used his knowledge of chemistry to create an atmosphere.
3. In his next eon he brought plant and animal life from other planets in his spaceship. Violent creatures like dinosaurs were the result.

Then God came down to redeem His planet. He came to a watery area and brought up land in one day. He created a better atmospehere in one day. He created plants, animals and mankind in one day. He had to protect his creation so he put a wall around it with a gate. Satan could roam the entire earth, but could only go to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When he suceeded in causing mankind to sin, they had to leave this perfect garden. He placed angels with flaming swords to prevent them from returning.

EGW tells us that the reason Lucifer became jealous was that the Trinity went into a private Earth planning session and he was not invited. He wanted to prove his creative abilities so the Trinity put their plans on hold and let Lucifer/Satan do his rebellious thing on earth for eons. Thus the DARKNESS of evil covered the earth. Then it was time to show the universe a comparison of the Devil’s ideas and God’s creation.

This explanation has helped me reconcile science and the Bible. It’s not quite the temple idea I read about above. Does this work for anyone???

Private: Dealing with religious offenders
Glenn Stansal is mistaken about Jewish divorce. Moslem men only needed to say “I divorce you” 3 times in front of witnesses. Jewish divorce was only given by a judge in court and was for cause only. The problem was that some courts were liberal and some were conservative. Jesus sided with the most conservative and said fornication was the only cause for divorce. I think we should broaden that to mean “adulteration”. Insanity, violence, disertion and other things adulterate, in the eyes of observers, any marraige. After an appropriate time of separation to clarify the issues and intents, the church should grant a divorce, even if extramarital sex has not taken place. That period of time should be at least a year. Both parties should remain celibate during that time and respond to the inquiries of the court. Both should wait for a church divorce decree before they start acting as a single person. Until the church starts making the righteous judgements that Jesus expected, we will continue to have high divorce rates within the church and how to administrate “morally fallen” ministers will be problematic.

Private: Dealing with religious offenders
Policy that guides administrators in dealing with ministers that have a “moral fall” is found in the Ministerial Manual now called the Ministerial Handbook. In the 1976 edition page 39 it said, “it is clearly indicated that for the sake of the church and the maintenance of moral standards the man must plan to devote his life to some other calling or business than the ministry.” This phrase has been dropped in subsequent editions.

I have seen SDA ministers re-enter the ministry after a few years after a moral fall because this policy was changed. Are Search Committees told of the sordid history of ministers they are considering? I suspect just as in the Catholic Church, we cover-up adultery the way they cover-up pedophillia. I would like to know your opinion on what you and your readers feel should be the policy for the “rehabilitation” of fallen ministers.