It is time to connect the dots and see who …

Comment on 2013 Annual Council Votes to Change Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 by MLB.

It is time to connect the dots and see who is leading the opposition. Fritz Guy and Larry Geraty lead out in 1980 fundemental belief restatement that supposedly leaves door open for theistic evolution as a SDA belief. They each become president at LSU, Fritz Guy (1990-91) and Larry Geraty (1993-2007) and some how LSU evolves into teaching theistic evolution as well as straight up evolution rather than a literal 6 day creation. Fritz Guy writes books, Understanding Genesis… and another, Christianity and Homosexuality…. Fritz Guy is nominating committee Chairman two sessions in a row in the Southeastern California Conference [edit]. If you google each of them and look at the Wikipedia profile you will see all the honors received within the Adventist Church. We need to wake up! Thankfully, this revision maybe the first step in turning this infiltration from the opposition around.

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The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
While the Creation/Evolution debate continues regarding LSU, it is interesting to note that by Louie Bishop’s choice to follow the biblical model of settling disputes between brethren, rather than the legal system, the respondsibility of what has transpired at LSU shifts to leadership. Elder Wilson, Lisa Beardsley and other leaders now are the defenders of God’s truth at LSU and need to stand for the truth rather than compromise. The “enlightened left” does not appreciate simple truth, God writing with his own finger, and will rebel at any sanctioning of its behavior. But the time is now for leadership to stand up and be counted on this issue! May we all pray for God’s guidance to be upon them!


Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
@Steve Mahan:@Steve Mahan:

In 1961 Fritz Guy became a faculty member at LSU. He went on to get his Phd at Univerity of Chicago supervised by Langdon Gilkey who in 1981 was a expert witness for the ACLU against creation in a big creation science debate in Arkansas. (Look it up on Wikipedia) He then came back to La Sierra in 1971 apparently began intiating what he had learned. In 1980 he was active in creating the loophole in the Adventist fundemental belief that enables those favoring Theistic Evolution to promote it. He was honored in 2012 at LSU for all his contributions.


Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda
@Professor Kent:

Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective for all of us. It very evident from your comments how valuable and needed scientists and scientific thought are!

Four new LSU board members
Elder Graham should step up and open the board meeting for transparency and open representation rather than the closed meetings that Wisbey and the board’s attorney Kent Hansen have run. Existing board members being in trouble, as reported by Educate Truth, for speaking to GC officials shows that they don’t really want to be accountable to the constituents but, as most enlightened ones think, they will provide the constituents as to what they should think! Shades of crimson and purple don’t you think?