Lindy Williams February 24, 2020 at 1:13 am Mr. Sorensen, …

Comment on Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage? by Bill Sorensen.

Lindy Williams February 24, 2020 at 1:13 am
Mr. Sorensen, Your comments about Dr. Tichy, I find repulsive. I also disagree with most of the comments on this site, but your demonstration of a non-Christian like attack on Dr. Tichy demonstrates that that you have absolutely no right to judge anyone.

I came to this site from Spectrum, where people are at least respectful of other opinions. I will not terry here long because I can see that this is a “closed door” mentality.”

Well, Lindy, I find it somewhat ironic that you would defend Spectrum as an open minded forum.

This is where they equate our General Conference President to a 12 year old in his understanding and spiritual administration.

They run people off who expose their duplicity and ignorance of bible truth. But you obviously are well accepted in their ministry.

None the less, I accept your reproof and apologize to Dr. Tichy as we all often let our sinful nature get the best of us.

But the forum you defend demeans more people than you apparently see or admit.
Take care.

Bill Sorensen Also Commented

Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
As I said, Sean, it seems to be an “exercise in futility” to reason with those who defend a false view of any subject matter in the bible.
They formulate some human conclusion that is a barrier to open investigation of bible truth. This has been demonstrated in opposition to the bible teaching about creation but also is a on going problem on other bible issues. The Gay agenda is typical of this fact.

We don’t know who will repent and so we don’t offer any final judgment on any person. We always hope and pray that all will find repentance including ourselves on various issues of disagreement.

Have a happy and blessed Sabbath to all.
Take care.

Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
George Tichy is “full of himself.”

Spectrum and Atoday condone and accept the practice of this evil agenda.

As Sean said, we are born sinners with sinful tendencies and the born again experience gives us the victory over “the world, the flesh and the devil.”

They don’t want to repent and gain any victory by the grace of God. They want to practice their evil agenda and bring it into the church.

All in the name “We are born that way and thus it is an acceptable practice.”

With this bogus argument, we can lie, cheat, steal and commit all sin with the argument “we are born that way.”
It is a total denial of the words of Jesus, “Ye must be born again…….”

A born again believer acknowledges they are sinners but do not “practice sin.”

So we oppose any Last Generation Theology spirituality that claims if we do not commit any sin, then we are not sinners.
Both the liberals and hyper-conservative spiritual foundation are false. Neither group present the true understanding of the words of Jesus, “Ye must be born again.”

Victory over our sinful nature does not make us sinless. As Wesley said, “Sin remains, but does not reign.” The “new man” has control over the “old man of sin.”
So Paul says, “I die daily.”
But he affirms in Rom. 8:1, “There is therefore no condemnation over those who maintain the victory over their sinful nature.”
We are sinners in a state of forgiveness until Jesus comes.

We are still the children of fallen Adam but also now a child of God “in Christ Jesus.”
We can not resolve the paradox by denying one or the other.
Take care.

Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
A large part of the problem is this, our leaders who know this is wrong refuse to do their duty they were elected to do, and simply want to create unity at all cost.

Threats of punishment are idle threats and the rebels know it. Therefore, they are embolden in the evil rebellion knowing the church will not “man up” and discipline the evil.

To persuade those who advocate this bogus argument is an exercise in futility. Comparable to those who deny the creation week. They put human speculation above the clear declarations of scripture. And since they get massive support by ministries like Spectrum and Atoday, they feel comfortable in denying and defying the word of God.

Many if not most church members may not agree or support this open rebellion. But it is tolerated for the sake of unity and the preservation of the statis quo.

Our children are being educated in a false tolerance that has no affinity to bible grace or the gospel. But it reflects the modern tolerance advocated in our country that denies law, order, justice and discipline for the preservation of civil society.

We don’t know the precise details of just how God will deal with the rebellion in our church. But we do know where the world is headed in building a one world government the will eventually take away our freedom to declare and uphold bible truth.

Historically, we did not think our church would embrace and even lead out in the spirit of rebellion that is rapidly developing in the church, the county and the world.
Take care

Recent Comments by Bill Sorensen

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
Well, of course Sean, people at Fulcrum 7 will not agree with you. Their whole ministry is based on the false idea that abortion at any time from the first day is murder. Check out their comments and articles and you will see.

And then they try to heap guilt on anyone who does not agree with their bogus conclusion and demand the church must change its policy to fit their bogus doctrine. At least this is Gerry Waggoner’s position. I am not sure David Read would concur with this radical non-biblical position. But Doug Yowell does. As well as majority of their supporters.

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
The problem with your post is this. At what precise point is it murder or not?
Some one must define this issue to properly state how the church must act toward church members who may think otherwise about the decision. Murder is no small issue to deal with.

And just because it is not murder, does not lessen the importance of the issue as a human life is developing inside the woman. The church has rightly stated that everyone who is personally involved should carefully consider the implications of any decision for all will answer to God for what ever decision they make.

If a woman is raped, it is no one’s business but her’s and the family as to the decision she will make about this incident in which she had no willing participation. Neither should anyone try to heap guilt on her and her husband or others involved with the decision made.

The same applies to a young lady about 14 who may be raped. It is no one’s business to heap guilt on this girl or her family if they opt for an abortion. They have enough to deal with without some pious self righteous soul trying to heap guilt on the girl and family calling it murder.

The church position is viable and needs no basic improvement.

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
The baby does not “think and feel.”
It responds to natural law.
As for the human identity, it is given by God at birth and preserved in the mind of God after death.

The developing baby had no individual identity until birth.

While abortion is a high level responsibility to the family and even society, it is not murder. And the church will never define it as such much to the chagrin of many who think it is.

A woman who took a “morning after pill” did not just murder a human being.

She aborted the process of procreation. If it is murder the day before birth, then
it is murder the first day the process began.

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
That’s right, Sean.
Many assume that if there is any life in the woman, this means it is a human being.
They are wrong, but you won’t convince them otherwise.
This is why they call it murder with no qualification.