Pastor Doug Hardt: Vaccines, Liberty and the Bible

I just felt that I should highlight, for those who might have missed it, an excellent sermon recently given by Pastor Doug Hardt entitled, “Vaccines, Liberty and the Bible”.

Pastor Hardt goes into the history of several horrible diseases that have long plagued humanity, killing millions and even billions of people. He then discusses advances in medical science and how these advances, as gifts of God to aid humanity to counter these Satanic evils, have often been resisted by misguided Christians – despite the amazing efficacy of these new treatments, particularly vaccines, to save enormous numbers of lives.  He discusses how governments, even in the Bible under God’s personal guidance, have long been involved with trying to most effectively deal with communicable diseases, to include the use of mandates that limit the personal liberties for the good of society as a whole – and the appropriate response of Christian organizations, and individuals, to vaccines and government mandates.

Clearly, Pastor Hardt put a great deal of thought and effort into this presentation, and I think it is more than worth your time to at least consider what he has to say – especially in contrast to a number of recent strident voices within the Seventh-day Adventist Church that have come out very strongly against vaccines, the consensus of modern medical science, and government involvement during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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    • A term promoted by Dr. Robert Malone? – borrowed from Mattias Desmet? – attempting to make parallels with Nazi Germany and the rise of Hitler in the 1930s? where millions of people have been “hypnotized” into believing mainstream ideas about COVID-19, including steps to combat it such as testing and vaccination? Yes, I’ve heard of it. What nonsense (Link).

      Just because you’re swimming against the crowd, just because you’re in the minority, doesn’t mean that you’re right. Occasionally, the consensus opinion of medical scientists, experts in their fields of study, who have devoted their lives to studying such things as pandemics and vaccines, is actually right.


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    • Oh, I have, but this “Religious Liberty Weekend” was full of misinformation and outright falsehoods regarding COVID-19 and the vaccines against it – which I’ve discussed in this forum in some detail already.

      The talk of Conrad Vine, which you directly link to here, doesn’t make sense to me. He’s discussing a GC position on vaccines published in 2015 – well before the current pandemic began. His claim that the GC ADCOM exceeded its authority by releasing a position statement on immunization in 2015 just doesn’t fly for a number of reasons. I particularly agree with David Hamstra where he addressed Vine’s argument on liberty of conscience regarding vaccines:

      As far as I can tell, Dr. Vine’s line of reasoning that makes every health choice a matter for claims of conscience makes every potential choice into a matter for a claim of conscience, for which domain of human activity does the Holy Spirit not want to guide? And if every choice deserves protection for conscience’s sake, then no choices can be given protection for conscience’s sake because sinful human beings would become ungovernable. (Link)

      In short, I think one’s personal liberty of conscience ends where the nose of someone else begins. I see this as the very basis of reasonable civil governments and the enforcement of reasonable civil laws – ordained by God Himself (Link). So, unless you’re living on an island, by all means, the civil laws of the land, which Paul claims has Divine Authority to set up civil laws that may in fact restrict individual liberties for the good of society as a whole, should be obeyed unless they directly violate a clear command of God to the contrary. No such Divine command exists regarding vaccines – which I see as nothing short of a gift of God to combat diseases that have long plagued humanity with endless suffering and death – having historically killed off billions of people in this world. Thanks to vaccines, many of these diseases have either been completely eliminated or significantly reduced.


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