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I pray the Adventist constituency for LSU will be informed enough to make some changes – soonBob  (Quote)

Oh don’t worry, we will. We, as Adventist High Schoolers are voting with our feet. Don’t forget, Adventist young people in general are not your historic/fundamentalist types, we’re mostly progressive. We read Spectrum, NOT the Adventist Review, Hartland Ministry Report or whatever Hope International’s magazine is called. And if you succeed in forcing LSU to become a clone of SAU, don’t worry, we’ll still vote and continue the exodus of Adventist young people to non-adventist colleges that has been happening.

Interesting how PUC and LSU are both expecting record freshman classes this year.

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Report on LSU constituency meeting
@BobRyan: It’s nice how you consider the fact that a Seventh-day Adventist young person in good standing with his church disliking a school as an endorsement of that school. Can we get over the hate and get to work telling the world about our LOVING jesus?

Report on LSU constituency meeting
@Conservative Adventist Student:

As to all of us being ‘Progressive’ (another word for LIBERAL) I think there is a large population of Adventist and American young people as myself who are migrating to the more CONSERVATIVE brand of Adventist and politics.

Where do you hang out? Ouchita Hills Academy, or Hartland? Because I’m pretty sure, and I have close associations with at least two major Adventist academies on the east coast, and we are anything but conservative.
Also, if you think “progressive” and “liberal” are synonyms, they really aren’t.

Now I realize this may not be the most well taken thought, but may I say, that Liberalism as a ideology IS a religion that will intertwine and in-tangle any other religion.

Yes it will, to the same extent conservatism will.

It is also plain in the political atmosphere LSU now has many parallels with the bigger political atmosphere we have in the United States at the moment.

The political atmosphere at LSU? Is that your way of saying that LSU offers academic freedom?

In addition, I wonder if you really have all the facts before you said that there will be record freshmen classes at PUC and LSU? Did you check the demographics? Are they a majority of non-adventist ‘progressives’? Maybe there are many that decided NOT to go because of the sole doctrine of macro-evolution at LSU? Maybe some decided to go because of it?

The record freshman classes statement came from recruiters at both schools. I did not check the demographics, but I do know that a huge number of Adventist high schoolers are going to those schools. Did a lot not go because LSU offers cutting edge teachings consistent with the scientific consensus? I don’t know, I know of one person like that in my school, they are going to a non-Adventist school instead. Are they many that are going because of it? I think so.

As for me, most of the SDA young people I know from late that have gone to Adventist school have gone to SAU.

They do still have a large number go because of their previous reputation, and parents that support it, etc. But they’re numbers are starting to flake… I do know I got an acceptance letter from them without ever applying, kinda showed desperation in my humble opinion. But what do you expect from a school where you have full fledged professors who have never published anything as the senior editor, in a peer reviewed scientific journal? pathetic.

Report on LSU constituency meeting
@Shane Hilde:

It’s ironic that your very first comment on this forum is to accuse Art of going on the “war path” against LSU…

I feel the welcome atmosphere, perhaps that was simply the case because I have been following this site, but was avoiding involving myself in this until I read his comment, and felt that something had to be said.
no going back…

Unless of course you’re supportive of what LSU is doing? Are you?

I believe that evolution is a completely valid viewpoint for an Adventist to hold, but of course creationism is more mainstream within the community. I personally believe either is the case and think both sides make sense in some ways, so I guess I don’t know which I believe in at this point, that’s something I’ll try to figure out in the next 5 years until I graduate from college. From what I have read after following this site since GYC in Kentucky this year, and reading most of its static content, it looks to me like LSU is simply teaching evolution in some of its higher classes because it is the scientific norm, while also respecting the creationist viewpoint. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, since they actually do more than try to disprove creation, I am more likely to go to LSU than other Adventist Colleges.

@Geanna Dane:

I used to think SAU was a pretty decent place but I hear that theyve become a bit fanatical about creationism to. I understand they’re halls in biology are all decorated now with creation stuff. THey are short on faculty but wo’nt hire because they can’t find enough biologists who are can prove creation.. Recently they sent out sent out some kind of alumni publication in which essentially every department on campus is now pushing creatinism.

I agree, and so do most of my classmates. Recently a SAU booth was at our school, now remember, my school until this year was called a feeder to SAU. The number of Juniors that showed interest: 0. When LSU almost half of the Junior class filled out interest cards. LSU is filling a nitch market of students that want a Adventist education but do not want their science compromised, and they will feel the economic benefits from it.
Kudos to educatetruth.com for taking LSU from not even being considered in my college search, to making it share the top spot with PUC, and helping that spread to a large number of my classmates.

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Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
Who said it’s Shenandoah Valley Academy? Nice job checking IPs, but I’m just here because my friend is graduating from there today.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
Quote from one of my teachers: (not exact wording)

Creation is, really, the most ridiculous thing I could ever think of. Don’t tell the principal I said this, but, whatever [the science teacher] tells you, it really is not scientifically credible, and I am certified to teach the classes he[science teacher] does, but I’m not alone, many other Adventist scientists believe in evolution, openly or secretly because some of the radicals will come and try to crucify them.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
Dr. Geraty,

Thank you for your very thoughtful statement. I have printed it to share at vespers tonight.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
Oh, so instead of going through the proper channels like the General Conference to do this, MC chooses to go it alone, against the Adventist Consensus. Awesome.

Perhaps they will also like to cut off employee subsidies to my Academy, since one of our teachers, although not science teacher openly promotes evolution. And one of our bible teachers has openly told my class that the creation story does not have to be taken literally when we brought up this whole controversy in class.

Of course, that would hurt my friend who lives in the dorm, while his dad works for MC. But hey, MC evidently doesn’t care about the human aspect at all, just pushing their viewpoint on everyone.

And by the way, this type of thing is the reason why I will not state my identity or that of my school. Because some dumb action, like this one, could come up against MY school. not cool. not at all.