Shane…please. Your point is pretty ironic. You make my …

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Shane…please. Your point is pretty ironic. You make my point for me. The position espoused on these pages supposes that the origins question is settled so thanks for pointing out that we need open mindedness – my point exactly. As is evidence in the data, people will seek out truth as they are at LSU in record numbers (regardless of the dismissal by Mills above). The empty threats from conferences, GC, and the bizarre folks here won’t have an impact on that fact.

From what I see around the web, this conspiracy theory of yours is based on incomplete facts, poor sources, and downright lies. I’m pretty close to this and am shocked that the naivety of these that think there is some movement or conspiracy that is anti-Adventist. The distorted lens through which this site looks is pretty corrupt and is doing far more harm than any defective university professor has done or will do. A pretty sad legacy in my opinion, but knock yourself out.

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Record enrollment for LSU
…maybe students that like to get a college education that teaches critical thinking, not blind doctrine.

Record enrollment for LSU
LOL! I always love it the the accusers demand more evidence than the accusation! I see all kinds of supposition about this or that hiring, firing, faculty change. Most are wrong and not factual, merely idle speculation. The so-called sources I’ve seen quoted are wrong in most cases. My proof? I have a front seat view of this and find this all laughable.

To be honest, enrollment is up in most places so this isn’t likely a sign of anything. But the fact that people are going to this school from “good” Adventist homes and the communicate demonstrates that the school is doing an effective job providing a college education.

I love the way Phil Mills is reading the numbers how he sees them. No attempt to to understand or find some logical explanation he simply says this proves that Satan is tricking us. Wow! That is great! I also love his thought that schools might actually ask for approval for course content. BTW, this is higher education where that is that notion is lunacy and downright immoral and unethical. Legitimate higher education will never be subject to that and the point just proves the insanity of the argument.

Again, good luck with this. Good luck to your children who will be the unfortunately benefactors of a college education that fails to do it’s primary job – teach critical thinking.

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Four new LSU board members
Curious…a few hear are calling for Good Christians to be on the board. That is an interesting thought. How does one measure this? How does one rank a Christian anyway?

Four new LSU board members
I see. So you are judge. I’m curious where you got that charter? In the event you did get that unique Christian charter you might want to tread carefully. Sin can not be seen or touched so I have no idea how you are equipped to do this yet you feel comfortable lambasting sincere people. Amazing.

Four new LSU board members
Well we can be only sure that each is an Adventist in name. I can not judge hearts and don’t think I can spot a dedicated, faithful SDA. Since our beliefs are not perfect and don’t save us that isn’t relevant. Since outward appearance and words can be totally deceiving. How can one judge?