Just keeping the seventh day Sabbath is not all there …

Comment on Adventist Review examines LSU conflict by Ddonald DeCamp.

Just keeping the seventh day Sabbath is not all there is to the 4th commandment. The day itself has no meaning without the reason for it. And the reason is the creation week exactly as outlined in the Bible. anyone who holds any aspect of evolution theories is not keeping the fourth commandment. Don DeCamp

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Michigan Conference vs. LSU – Right Wing Politics or Truth in Advertising?
Why do some people insist on bringing God down to their level of understanding. Some seem to believe that God is not capable of doing what He said He did. Trying to make the biblical record fit ones idea of science is actualy dishonoring our creator. If we don’t accept the bible as our only basis for faith and practice, we should join a different church.

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
It saddens me to see any one considering themselves a Seventh Day Adventist contradicting God’s word. He makes it very plain that He created the world and it’s contents in 6 literal days. (Evenings and mornings). It is a measure of our opionion of God. Can He do what He says he did or not. Why do we have to reduce God to our finite understanding? Just because human reasoning says He couldn’t do what He says He did doesn’t make the Bible wrong. When you take the creation record out of the 4th commandment you make it pointless. The day itself is meaningless without the reason for the day. I say this in all respect for the academic achievement and intentions of those who disagree, but the last day deceptions will have all the aappearance of being factual and able “if possisble” to deceive even the very elect. Deception of that magnitude is sure to appear intelectually feasible. I hope those who accept any evolutionary theory in regard to the origin of this earth and its contents will reconsider their opionion of God. Can He really do what He says He did? with respect and Christion love for alll Don DeCamp

Jan Paulsen: 2004 vs 2009
I am firmly convinced that belief in any form of evolution, contrary to the express biblical account, is a violation of the fourth commandment. God has said clearly that He created everything in six “evenings and Mornings ‘. If we try to make the claim that He did it any different way we are essentially calling Him a liar. It is just as important to remember the record of creation as
God expressed it in His word, as it is to remember the day that He set aside for remembering it. The reason for the Sabbath is as important as the Sabbath itself. We can acceptably read the fourth command as “Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy, “because” In six days– Etc. God is the ultimater scientist. We can study what He has done, but when we can’t make it fit our idea of what we consider acceptable, we do not have the right to rewrite God’s word. Donald DeCamp

Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
Anyone who thinks they are keeping the fourth commandment and espousing any form of evolution other than the clear biblical record, is deluding theirself. The fourth commandment is not only a reference to a day, but a distinct reference for the reason for the day. When God says He created the world in six literal days and we say anything other than that, we are calling God a liar. The day itself is meaningless without the reason for the day.

An appeal to our leadership
We need to recognize God as the ultimate scientist and view all conclusions on the basis of His word. Scientists who consider their word above the word of God should be held accountable. They need to recognize that there is an intelegence beyond their comprehension.