you may delete this posting if you believe that …

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you may delete this posting if you believe that the opinion of former SDAs like me should not be heard, but I think I do have something constructive to add.— David Jacobson  (Quote)

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Adventist Review examines LSU conflict

you may delete this posting if you believe that the opinion of former SDAs like me should not be heard, but I think I do have something constructive to add.— David Jacobson  (Quote)

Well done David Jacodson, you changed the whole topic of this thread. It was pretty easy to do, mouth off a fact or two mixed in with a huge lie, and the topic does an a-bout-face.

Read the posts after his, its all off topic. What does an outsider have to say about intrenal matters of the church is not needed here on this forum. Webmaster next time please follow the rules of this forum: •Must be a Seventh-day Adventist to comment. Nothing he said added anything to the topic.

Adventist Review examines LSU conflict
The AR article is a joke. I understand most of us think it is a step in the right direction, but it isn’t. The article was balanced, fair to both sides, meaning both sides has a legitimate argument, which is not the case. There is nothing to debate or talk about. Why would we call ourselves 7th-Day if we question the 7 day creation. LSU biology department is a growing tumor, that needs to be cut out before it spreads to other parts of our Church.

How many Adventists students went to LSU and has accepted satan’s lie. Those students are a part of our Church and as a Church we failed them. It isn’t just the biology department; the whole school has become a den of demons. The lack of action by the board shows how deep satan’s claws go.

Again, I plead with you that LSU needs to be closed, and sold. We can’t allow this to go on any longer.

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@Lawrence Geraty, I can understand now why LSU is off track.

Sir, I am sorry but there is no liberal, or conservative SDA, that is a myth. We either accept SDA as it is or we don’t belong. Nor is there a ‘fundamentalist wing of the church’, we either accept the bible or we don’t. Sir, we (SDA) believe the Bible is the only Truth, and you have many doubts about that which means you are in the wrong church.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
Praise God, something is happening!!! Educate truth doesn’t support my view that the school should be closed down.

LSU response will be ‘nothing’, business as normal. This action will mean nothing to them. In thier view we are the lost ones and we need to catch up to the ‘real world’ religions.

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
Disclaimer: My comments does not represent the views or opinions of Educate Truth

First: @Geanna Dane I tried to see your side of the issue and frankly, I think you are wrong in your view of what was said in the videos. In a nut shell, the overall theme of both videos is that a change is needed, like upgrading from Adventist v1.0 to Adventist v2.0.

Second: I believe the only way to save this situation is to fire all the employees, refund student’s accounts, level and completely remove all the buildings, side walks, etc. and the land given away. Educate Truth does not approve of this view, I guess they are hoping things can change but I find that view to be very naïve and almost childish. LSU will not change, doesn’t these videos prove that…

Third: Where is the Board? As a group, do they know what is happening? If not, why? If yes, than why allow it to continue…

Lastly: We need to face the truth. A cat is a cat and a dog is a dog we need to call it for what it is. What truly is happening at LSU is that satan has a hold; his views are spreading like the wind. That is why closing the school is the only action to end it. The Adventist family is close-knit, and we might have friends that would suffer if the school is closed; closing the school would be very painful to all of us. It is a bitter pill but what we saw in those videos was a little peek into the class that the Board ordered to explain SDA view, and well…

Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class
If this website truly wanted to end what was happening at LSU, a debate would be held on one of the forums to form a strategy to end this, instead of repeating things we already known.