I agree David, this site is serving it’s purpose and …

Comment on Adventist Review examines LSU conflict by Doug Kendall.

I agree David, this site is serving it’s purpose and many leaders now realizing that this issue is a growing concern that can’t be ignored much longer. Praise God the Review has some editors who are willing to stand up for truth. For those not getting the Review they have has a whole series of articals on Creation recently. There is still a lot of work to do however. Keep the great posts coming! There are a lot of people reading them and gaining confidence in Creationism and the Bible.

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Adventist Review examines LSU conflict
I posted this in another tread(no one responded), but I’ll post it here and see if anyone wants to respond. As you mentioned the plants including tree’s were created Mature. Thus with apparent age. What about some of the rocks. Of course the rocks with fossils have to be recent formation at or after the flood,but some of the others could have been created Mature and appear very old?

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Ravi Zacharias: Should Church Members be Held to a Higher Standard?
Right on the money Sean. This issue seems so clear to many of us, but there are many who have a misunderstanding of God and his ways. We must not judge their hearts. We can however judge many things/actions/ideas to be right or wrong. God has given us his laws and his word for that very reason.

CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU

Silence of the Geoscience Research Institute
Very true ICR and AIG are miles ahead of us in most every area. We should be at the front of this Creation vs Evolution Issue, not debating if the Bible is true or not.

Andrews University statement on creation
Very well done. God is honored by the Biblical integrity of this statement.

GC document holds LSU professors accountable
That was a great Statement. Too bad no one gave it much thought, much like the Creation summit statements of 2004.

I am aware the GC recently had meetings on the issue and are working to resolve it. Most of the GC leaders have united in support of literal creation from what I have heard. (this is good news)
However, it’s clear having meetings and giving out statements of support for Creationism isn’t going to change things very much at LSU. (the bad news)