Hans Zwick, I’d like to see some evidence of some of …

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Hans Zwick,

I’d like to see some evidence of some of the things you were stating to identify people from the Bible in history. An authority on such matters is David Rohl a proponent of New Chronology who has published many books and appeared on TV. For example, most people identify the Biblical Shishak as Shoshenk I. However, he believes that Shishak was Egypt’s greatest ruler, Rameses II. Labaya from the Armana Letters is King Saul. He has lots more of these. I recommend reading one of his books.

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The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account

“It is truly disheartening to see to what an extent SDA education has succumbed to the wiles of liberalism. I note that one writer said her kids were going to Southern. A close relative who attended Southern a number of years ago remarked that her impression was that the administration wanted good behavior on campus but didn’t really care what one did off campus.”

Not true. I know people who have been suspended and even expelled for off campus behavior.

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It’s my understanding that the apostasy is not limited to the Biology Department but also extends to the Religion Department, which every student takes classes from.

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Dear Adventist High School student,

Which of the 12 disciples graduated from college or even the equivalent of such thing? What grade school did Ellen White graduate from? Since when do you need a college degree to do the Lord’s work?

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“Also would there not have been other people with boats by the time of the flood? Ships can stay at sea with provisions for long periods of time.”

No ship could have survived a flood of that magnitude, not even Noah’s without divine intervention.

Patriarchs and Prophets

Darker and darker grew the heavens, and faster came the falling rain. The beasts were roaming about in the wildest terror, and their discordant cries seemed to moan out their own destiny and the fate of man. Then “the fountains of the great deep” were “broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.” Water appeared to come from the clouds in mighty cataracts. Rivers broke away from their boundaries, and overflowed the valleys. Jets of water burst from the earth with indescribable force, throwing massive rocks hundreds of feet into the air, and these, in falling, buried themselves deep in the ground…

The massive ark trembled in every fiber as it was beaten by the merciless winds and flung from billow to billow. The cries of the beasts within expressed their fear and pain. But amid the warring elements it continued to ride safely. Angels that excel in strength were commissioned to preserve it.