Open letter to General Conference


How are such faculty and administrators who think themselves so “progressive” in advance of the foundational pillars of the organized SDA Church on such basic fundamental issues going to be remotely capable of “bringing our young people home at the end of the day?”,2 as Elder Paulsen put it, if they don’t really believe in or see evidence for the home message to begin with? Ultimately, is there to be no real accountability to the organized SDA Church for what is presented as “truth” from either pulpit or classroom? – by paid representatives supported by God’s own monies in the forms of tithes and offerings?

The viability of the SDA Church, as an organization, and the developing minds of a generation of SDA young people, is largely in your hands. Who knows whether you have not attained to your positions of great responsibility for such a time as this?

Open Letter Re LSU – Jan 1 2009


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