Geanna, Louie is not the only one making claims. And …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Dez Pain.

Geanna, Louie is not the only one making claims. And if there is nothing to hide, let the recordings of the classes be released to the public for scrutiny. Prove Louie is lying. Also, it doesn’t matter how much good the university does. What they are teaching in these classes undermines God’s word, and therefore nothing can balance it.

Louie, good for you. You are in my prayers. Remember you are not just standing against these men, but Satan himself, so keep close to Jesus, and allow Him to guide you.

Closing a church is not the same as closing a secular institution. I think closure should be considered before God sorts out the mess. Great loss occurs when God is forced to intervene. But the General Conference is letting us all down by their inaction, and I have to wonder how many of our leaders therefore support our doctrines?

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Adventists are virtually silent
And if you take away the theories in evolution, which are the basis for volumes of other theories, you aren’t left with very much. Try it. You’re an intelligent person. Read the texts, and put a line through everything that is surmising, guesswork, and supposition. Then see what you can do with what remains. Lots of evolutionists who do this end up believing in creation.

Adventists are virtually silent
Bravus, the people who were in the best position to know the facts about the expected Redeemer were the ones that crucified him.

Creationist students find little support from LSU
I am an Adventist who was away from the church for twenty years, and have only recently returned. What a change! The local church is relatively Godless. Electric guitar music screaming out in between Sabbath School and the service, with secular images projected above the rostrum. Charismatic songs in the kids Sabbath School. They use the word, “contemporary” to justify this, automatically resigning you to “old fashioned” if you disapprove. Hardly a hymn is sung from our hymnal. I choose to travel to another town to attend an excellent little church. The local minister doesn’t believe in Ellen White’s ministry, and is empty of spirituality. He preaches technically good sermons, but always avoids our unique beliefs. The local church attendance is high, but it’s dead if you attend seeking to be in the presence of Jesus.

Why am I saying all this? I see the issues at this university as coming from the same source. A symptom of where we are in history. But in the same way no-one would listen to me if I were to phone the local conference to complain about the local church, I believe few will listen or care enough about this issue to take any action. I don’t know if it’s the Jesuits. But we certainly have many enemies in the camp. We can’t uproot the tares, but we can uproot teachers on the payroll. The church is very lax in responding to this outrage. It is my church, and I will not leave. But the leaders who are doing nothing should be ashamed of the influence they, via these evil teachers, are having on the young people in this church. And they ought to contemplate the truth that they will answer for all of this.

The solution is not complicated. Sack or suspend the teachers involved, or close the school and start again. Seasons of prayer are needed.