Dear Louie, Thank you for having the courage to stand for …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Norma Jean Erenius.

Dear Louie,

Thank you for having the courage to stand for your faith. God will be with you through all of this.

We, as church members, must rally behind you and insist that our Conference correct this problem without
further delay. Stay firm and post as many of these lectures as possible for the Conference to see. We need
to look for administrators and teachers that will teach our Bible based beliefs.

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Adventist Review examines LSU conflict
As a former teacher in our schools and daughter of a pastor & teacher, I cannot believe that we are even conversing about teaching something in our schools that is contra to our basic belief. We spend a lot of money establishing private schools to train our young people in our basic Christian belief. If we are not going to teach those basic beliefs, then why not send our young people to public schools–they are much cheaper. If we have faculty that choose not to teach these beliefs, then they should be asked to leave and continue their teaching in a public university that believe as they do.

Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
The Board needs to specify what they plan to do with the professors who are teaching evolution. Those professors must at least be given the warning that the next time they teach this they will be terminated. Also the president of the university should be warned that he must be responsible to take actions on those persons under his jurisdiction to be sure they are teaching the fundamentals of our Christian beliefs. Our church family spends large amounts of money to see that our young people receive a Christian education. Why should we spend those sums of money to get the same education a public university teaches? That is not why the school was founded and maintained.