The only semi-legitimate excuses I can think of, that might …

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The only semi-legitimate excuses I can think of, that might be in use for there being no swift and decisive action by now, is worry about the disruption of students’ studies.

But I think our upper leadership needs to take a leap of faith, and start firing people from the top down. If they’re worried about not being able to continue normal function, then they need to ask God to deal with that. I’m sure God will provide sufficient personnel replacements very quickly to allow His will to be done.

Not even mentioning the fact that we SHOULD be interrupting the processes of the universities which undermine the students’ faith. This is Luke Warm at it’s worst. Nobody in our leadership wants to rock the boat, and the result is LOST SOULS.

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What is taught at LSU

Is “intolerant” a bad thing, by default? There’s a growing movement suggesting that truth is not absolute, which has led to an illogical philosophy where the only acceptable intolerance is of those who recognize that truth is absolute. Thus branding *them* as “intolerant”. Christianity in general is often labeled intolerant, in major part due to the fact that we do not let our beliefs flow with popular culture. What is true is true, regardless of whether anyone believes it or not. Truth is not and cannot be personal.

Is it “intolerant” if Alcoholics Anonymous fires a leader who is found to be drunk on a regular basis? Of course it is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Likewise, if a church organization believing in a recent literal 6-day creation fires a teacher or preacher or researcher who is undermining that position, it is intolerant. But there’s still nothing wrong with that. Intolerant is not a “bad word”.

I agree regarding Dr. Clausen. Dr. Clausen has, in fact, been criticized here on this site as well.

Also, Ken, if you’ve not already seen them, I suggest watching Professor Walter Veith’s videos on origins. Perhaps you’re already familiar, but I just happened to scan a few of your posts and thought you might find these interesting.

Kevin Kimes

The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account
There is a bigger “conspiracy”, of course. It should not be regarded as surprising that Satan is actively infiltrating our church and it’s various subdivisions and associated organizations.

I heard a story in a sermon, which I believe is a true story, and some here may even be able to validate it. The specifics are a bit fuzzy in my memory, but the main points are intact. The story goes that Ellen White had a vision on one particular day, and after the vision she immediately wrote a letter to the president of a particular SDA college/university. I think it may have been PUC. The letter arrived in the president’s office as he was conducting an interview for a new faculty member. The secretary informed the president that a letter from Sister White had just arrived, and he immediately paused the interview to read it. He was nearly in disbelief as he read the letter, repeatedly looking up at the lady who was there for the interview. The letter described this woman perfectly, and warned the president that he must not hire her, for she was an agent of Satan. He read this out loud to her, and she immediately left in a huff.

It’s foolish to think that everybody in the employ of the Seventh-Day Adventist church is automatically a good-intentioned God-fearing individual. Or even to think that those who have contradictory views are merely “misled”. Some are, of course, merely misled. But, there are most certainly cases where they are not misled at all, but are agents of evil working intentionally toward the destruction of souls, or at the least intentionally attacking our organization from within. Some might think they’re doing the right thing by pretending to be SDA while secretly holding un-SDA beliefs and trying to subvert our people to abandoning what we teach and believe. Others might literally be worshipers of Satan, actively seeking the destruction of souls.

We, as a church, need to all remain vigilant, keeping watch for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. We will “know them by their fruits”.

Regarding the scope of this website, I think there would be much use and benefit of it being increased to cover similar situations in other schools, and in other branches of the church. I would be quite surprised if there were not any other like it to be found.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
I notice some interesting trends in the comments against Michigan Conference and it’s supporters.

Some tend to have more sarcasm, intentionally incomplete sentences, and statements without logic or informational backing. They often also have at least a few caps-lock statements of emotional outrage.

Others are rather passive aggressive. They’re attempting to belittle the statements in support of the Michigan conference’s actions by suggesting they come from “few” people who are somehow an insignificant renegade group within the church, and that these “few” are somehow less Christian. A casual analysis of these comments reveals they’re mostly full of ad-hominem attacks and straw-man arguments.

Another is the tendency to claim that quotes from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are being twisted, without explaining why and without making a counterpoint.

Finally there are those genuinely convinced that the “consensus” of the “scientific community” cannot possibly be wrong, and have given into the idea that belief in a literal creation cannot be held by an honest, intelligent individual. These are generally identifiable by patronizing comments toward those who do, while taking no note whatsoever of the large amount of supporting evidence held by the “opposing” side.

Now, if anyone wants to reply to this with some manner of sharp rebuke, I would ask that you first ponder these questions:

1. What is a Seventh-Day Adventist? Is there a definition? Is it written down somewhere for all to see?

2. If there is a definition, then would an individual who meets some, but not all, of these defining characteristics still be a Seventh-Day Adventist? If yes, which ones are essential, or how many are needed for the definition to still be met?

3. Why are the two words “Seventh-Day” contained in this label or title? Does it point to a particular significance of any portion of the defining characteristics of being a Seventh-Day Adventist? If so, which part?

Enough beating around the bush. We’re Seventh-Day Adventists because we believe that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath, and that the Sabbath is a memorial of creation. It wasn’t the Seventh-“multi-million-year-period” that was made into the Sabbath, it was the Seventh Day.

If you want to believe that God did not literally create everything in 6 days, and if you want to teach others the same; if you want to believe Genesis is a fairy-tale or “not-literal”, then God Himself has given you the freedom of choice to do that. Even Satan has freedom of choice in belief. However, logically, you can’t claim yourself to be a Seventh-Day Adventist while refuting the very foundation of the name itself. If you insist that you’re right, then go ahead with it, just don’t claim to be a part of this organization while you’re at it. That is an illogical action.

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is not a club. You can’t rightfully call yourself a member if you don’t actually believe in what the name stands for. Stop getting upset about it, it’s just logical.

There’s only a few reasons to actually want to remain a part of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church while not believing in it’s foundations. One is you’re afraid to let go. Generally a person won’t realize this is their situation. If you’re afraid to let go, then ask yourself why. If you still believe in God, then ask Him for help in figuring this out. He will.

The other reason is purely sinister. People who are actually infiltrating the church as agents of Satan. I imagine some are knowingly doing this, and some may not fully realize they’re doing this as an agent of the Devil. If you don’t think this actually happens, you may simply be naive or you might still have quite a bit of learning to do. If you believe Ellen White was a prophet (that’s one of the beliefs of the SDA church), then you should know that she warned this would happen to us.

Here is a challenge for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who reads this post: Pray. Ask God to help you realize if you’re right or wrong in your stance on this issue. Ask Him to definitively show you the truth in this matter. Ask Him to help you accept the truth that is from Him. I will accept this challenge as well.

If you don’t think He can handle a prayer like that, then you are not even a Christian. If you genuinely think yourself a Christian, then please read what He lovingly told us in the Gospels. He explained what sorts of things we can expect from God as a result of praying.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
I’ve also stopped tithing to Southern California. I’ve been doing my tithe online to what I still feel is my real home church in Washington state.

Hmm. I’ve just been reminded of something. I know somebody important at the North Pacific Union Conference Northwest HQ. I’m going to send an email to let him know about my support for what the Michigan Conference has done. Hopefully he’s already aware of all this, but if not, I’ll fill him in.