This is not only a problem at our Universities, but …

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This is not only a problem at our Universities, but also in our Conference’s. In fact it probably begins there. Most of our Conferences are following what their leaders say to do in the NAD and it goes against Scripture and E.G. White. “the church will appear to fall….”

Louie-I’m assuming what you have written is essentially correct. I believe we all have the responsibility to stand firm for the truth and I personally encourage you to stand firm no matter what. Some of us have had similar experiences under differing circumstances.It boggles my mind to find both the La Sierra Board and the administration so complacent and taking no observable action. Is it time that La Sierra be disbanded and the property sold or even to make a clean sweep and replace its president and erring faculty? I doubt that one thing will occur at the upcoming GC Session. I won’t go into detail as to why.  (Quote)

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“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”
AMEN…What a great sermon. Praise the Lord. He needs our prayers as we know he will be attacked for this!

CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU
That was a great start for the Central Calif. conference. I pray that if a clear change at La Sierra is not quickly forthcoming, that they will also do as Michigan Conference did. Will my Conference (Carolina) follow suite? Time will tell if they will follow God or man.

LSU Board news release and actions
I am very disturbed by the boards comments. It seems like alot of simple avoiding clear Scriptures. Why do we need more ad hoc meetings to waste alot of money and time?? Those men are NOT SDA’s, clearly by their teachings and they go against out beliefs as SDA’s. Its very simple to this simple minded person, that if they do not teach as we believe, they they should NOT be paid from God’s tithe! They should be fired and be put either under censure or taken off of the books of the SDA Church. I will not support our learning institutions that go against what the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy teaches. (that includes most of our schools now). She clearly says that competitive sports is wrong, yet we have them in most of our schools. God forbid!!! And we wonder why our schools are going downhill? Get back to God and He will keep our schools going the right direction.