David Kendall, I really appreciate your taking the time to …

Comment on Perspectives from alleged LSU students by Geanna Dane.

David Kendall, I really appreciate your taking the time to share your views. I am forever grateful for the education I have had and continue to gain from Adventist education. I truly doubt I’d be inthe church today if it was not for the stellar Christian examples that many of our college professors are (including those who are scientists.)

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Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
Ironically, as Stephen Vicaro points out Ellen White described examples of “blind faith” (clearly misplaced) in the Bible, which of course contradicts the claim that there is no “blind faith” in the Bible. So without doubt she established that blind faith IS a reality in the Bible. So the question then is weather blind faith in God exists and I dont see why it would not.

The “blind faith” that Ellen White described was based solely on the word of MISINFORMED men. If Paul and others truly converted many Gentiles, how was there faith any diffrent other than being based on word of INFORMED men? Did the converts have anything to read (“evidence”) before their conversion? I dont think so. They simply listened and believed and their “blind faith” just happened to be in the right place. Lucky them!

By the way what did Jesus mean by becoming “born again” other than to discard all of ones preconceived notions and experiences (ie. evidence?)?

Sorry but I dont get the point of any of this or how it has any bearing what soever on La Sierra. We are saved by grace through faith and why should we belief that grace is extended only to “evidentiary” faith.

Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
If Paul’s conversion did not involve “blind” faith then I’ll eat my shorts.

MBA employee discourages students from attending LSU
Shane, I apologize. I’m not a theistic evolutionist (I hope I’m not labeled as such)and I think that comparisons of Theistic Evolutionists within the church (including LSU facutly) to Colin Patterson who wrote a major book on evolution are inappropriate. I agree that this has no bearing on your otherways worthwhile goals at this website and I will let this ago.

MBA employee discourages students from attending LSU
Bob you need to read Bravus’ post once again,. He explained his view perfectly well. What are you missing? Hint: reason.

MBA employee discourages students from attending LSU
Colin Patterson died in 1998. Bob, if you were quoting him more than 12 years ago, what makes you think he would care to respond to you of all people? What has taken you so long to figure out that some people speak tongue in cheek? (By the way, perhaps you should read Patterson’s book, “Evolution,” to see what he REALLY believes)

I can play your game by quoting others. Here is a host of qouts from a well known creationist:


I liked this one: “The Smithsonian Institute [sic] has 33,000 sets of human remains in their basement right now as you are reading this. Many of them were taken while the people were still alive. They were so desperate to find missing links, so desperate to prove their theory that they murdered people to prove it.”
Source: Unmasking the False Religion of Evolution Chapter 4 – a transcript of Kent Hovind’s early sermons circa 1996. http://home1.gte.net/dmadh/hovind4.htm [no longer available]

How “instructive” that creationists acuse evolutionists off murdering innocent humans to find missing links. Hovind as a widely recognized expert “gets it”. Why arnt other creationists bringing this to our attention? Clearly Evolutionists are evil and criminal. In fact what we have is a level of honesty on the part of this creationist that is blantantly missing from the statements of our own theologians and creationists opperating from inside the Adventist church.

(The last sentence is paraphrased from a claim made by BoB Ryan. The “objective unbisaed reader” will see that I can argue anything I want from a quote of someone else regardless of whether he means it or if anyone else buys it. How laughable!)