Neptunnus said, “I’m currently a student at LSU and I …

Comment on Perspectives from alleged LSU students by Jason P Knarr.

Neptunnus said, “I’m currently a student at LSU and I know personally that a great percentage of our campus fully supports the three professors under fire”
ME: That’s unfortunate. However, as long as OUR Tithe and Offerings support LSU, and LSU claims to be an “Adventist” School, the Adventist Church, “the body of believers” has a right to expect our schools to teach what we as a people “claim” to believe.
Neptunnus said, “and we also DON’T like outsiders trying to influence what goes on in our classrooms”
ME: That’s funny. I thought other Adventists were my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thought we were one big family. Now I am called an “outsider”.
Neptunnus said, “We DON’T like how ignorant Adventists who don’t have PhD’s or other reputable qualifications criticizing what professors are teaching, who actually do have the qualifications.”
ME: When did a PhD take the place of the Word of God in our Adventist Schools? Is not God the God of Science as well as Doctrine? I thought He was the Creator of Science. I have a question about your god. How is it possible for a God who can’t create the earth in 6 literal days to resurrect every righteous person who has ever lived in the first resurrection? Or is that just a hoax too? According to your reasoning, it will take Jesus millions of years to do that.
What about the second resurrection? Are the righteous just going to stand around and wait while Christ takes another Billion years to resurrect the wicked at the end of the “Millenium”? The Lord of the Bible is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. I’m fine with you thinking that I am ignorant.
In my ignorance I seem to be missing something. If evolution is the only reasonable answer, where are the “living examples” of one species becoming new species. Where are any “REAL” examples? If evolution is true, how did a simple cell become a complex cell? How did a complex cell become a human being? Why would a simple cell want to become anything other than what it was? Are you telling me that one day, a simple cell had a brainstorm and decided that it would become a complex cell just because it could? Are you sure you have the “evidence” that you think you have?
Neptunnus said, “I find banishing the theory of evolution from our curriculum a form of brain washing.”
ME: Who said that? All we want is for our teachers to be honest. They can NOT PROVE evolution is a fact so they shouldn’t teach it as if it were an established fact in OUR Schools. That’s the real issue here.
Neptunnus said, “Intelligent design is just not backed up by scientific evidence. In addition, religion and science are two different methods of studying life.”
ME: It’s funny, I use the “scientific method” to study the Bible and to define my Theology. You say Creation is “not backed up by scientific evidence”? Can you prove that claim?

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Creationist students find little support from LSU

It will be very difficult for me to continue to return tithe to a church which will not do the right thing.  

I hear what you are saying, but if this is your attitude about tithing, I would ask you to consider your motives? I pay my tithes to God, in the form of His church. I will pay them regardless of how the church uses them, because they are His.

This attitude will drive one right out of God’s church if we are not careful. It’s easy to “justifiably” find fault with people and in doing so excuse our own behavior. But it’s not fair to God if we withhold from Him what He has required of us because others fail to do the right thing.

We all need to get on our knees for our Church and for those in important positions. They need our prayers!

Defining Adventism: A poll
Thank you, BobRyan. I just read Chapter IX. – Disguised Infidelity, from 3SG. If there is any doubt about this issue that clears it up, assuming we still value the words of inspiration. If ever there was a time to pray, it is now.

“The path of men who are placed as leaders is not an easy one. But they are to see in every difficulty a call to prayer. Never are they to fail of consulting the great Source of all wisdom. Strengthened and enlightened by the Master Worker, they will be enabled to stand firm against unholy influences and to discern right from wrong, good from evil. They will approve that which God approves, and will strive earnestly against the introduction of wrong principles into His cause”, Prophets and Kings, p. 31.

Having said that, let me add one more thought.

Although I am very concerned about what is going on in our schools, I do not think its fair to place all the blame on our schools or the teachers when our children leave our ranks. We as parents are on the front lines and it is our responsibility to give our children a solid foundation to build on. Then, when they are exposed to Professors that probably shouldn’t be teaching at Adventist Schools they will have a fighting chance.