Whether or not a professor teaches Long-age Darwinian evolution or …

Comment on Panda’s Thumb: ‘SDAs are split over evolution’ by Gene A. Swanson, M.D..

Whether or not a professor teaches Long-age Darwinian evolution or whether or not a professor believes Long-age Darwinian evolution is totally immaterial as I see it. I see the problem as one of “INTEGRITY”. If they teach and or believe Long-age Darwinian evolution they should have enough integrity to publicly disavow any relation to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and cease at once to accept even one dime of salary from it. The problem is that when one believes error it is a very little step to become totally dishonest whatsoever. Scripture clearly speaks of false techers of doctrines of devils.

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La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
Re: Life before creation week.
Those who hold this view don’t believe the Bible AT ALL! Revelation 21:1 clearly states that we are now living in the time of the “first heaven and the first earth”. John, in vision, saw them passed away, and the new heavens and earth that will come. Ergo: if we afre in the first heaven and earth there could not have existed life, nor earth, nor heavens before. [edit]

Students and alumni sing LSU’s praises
I graduated from La Sierra College in 1959 when they had a president who would have stood for truth though the heavens fall. That was Norval Pease. The rest of my professors were more than “professors” . . . they lived the pillars of our faith and didn’t wander down the ‘road to Rome’.

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
Again we have “truth by consensus” and not by a “thus saith the Lord”. Have you ever noticed that those in the wrong ALWAYS fall back on the “we just need love and unity” theme. Without truth love and unity are sick sentimentalism, to quote EGW.
Thank God that we have at least one conference that will stand up and be counted.

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
Although I am a retired physician I majored in Theology at La Sierra and graduated in 1959. The vast majority of professors at that time were godly men who fully supported the Biblical account as truth. But even 50+ years ago La Sierra had the beginnings of ‘apostasy’ in its ranks. I took a course in Evangelism from R. A. Anderson(now deceased), who was one of the team that produced the first edition of Questions On Doctrine, which was a cave in to Sunday-keeping Evangelical Protestantism.
So La Sierra has a long history of being on the ‘fringe’ of what the SDA movement was founded upon.
Nothing new!

Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
Gutless. Political correctness has overtaken our church as well as the government.