It seems to be the case that neither Dr. Wisby …

Comment on LSU undergraduate biology bulletin by Ruth deGraaff.

It seems to be the case that neither Dr. Wisby nor the La Sierra board intend to make the necessary changes to align the curriculum of the university with Adventist teachings. This then becomes a concern of the North American Division. This case should be properly investigated and dealt with at the division level. We should not continue to allow our students to be led astray. La Sierra can separate from the Adventist system of education and teach whatever they want.

Also, I think we should be careful what we say on this site. We all have very strong opinions to express, but we should remember, you are supposed to be an Adventist if you post on this site (who’s checking?) but everyone in the world can READ it!

Instead of arguing with each other, we should cite real scientific evidence to support our views. We could all take an example from Michael Behe. Even though Dr. Behe is not a young earth creationist, he has become a believer in Intelligent Design just from the scientific observations he has made in his field. He used to be an evolutionist and still teaches at Lehigh University in Allentown, Pa. You can find out more on his website. He uses real scientific data to support his beliefs in his book, Darwin’s Black Box. We should do the same.

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LSU undergraduate biology bulletin
Is Adventist education a popularity contest? Does having a good, or in this case, better enrollment mean that we are doing God’s will? How was the enrollment to get into the ark? If I remember correctly Noah didn’t have a waiting list. Even the very people that helped with the building of the ark refused to go into it.

LSU undergraduate biology bulletin
I doubt if most Adventists even know about this situation unless they’ve had a particular connection with LSU. I knew from a Review article that the problem existed, but had no idea where until I was poking around on the internet when getting ready for the Creation Celebration Sabbath. That’s when I ran into this site.

As for being old fashioned, God’s people have often been considered old fashioned and out of date. At times we are of course. But believing in God’s Word isn’t one of the times. How did the eye evolve over millions of years? How did the bombadier beetles hot acid evolve over millions of years? Where did the chemicals necessary for this evolution come from? Of course life changes to some extent–but Darwin’s finches were still finches (and they still are!), they didn’t change into pelicans or albatrosses.

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LSU Board says ‘we apologize’
I know for a fact that Walla Walla is still teaching evolution, as is Avondale College. Their reps proudly told me so at the GC in Atlanta. The letter of apology is encouraging, but it isn’t over until it’s over! God bless everyone that is standing up for God’s truth in these tumultuous times! We must be firm and not waver. If our students decide they no longer believe the Bible account of creation they have plenty of options open to them. They do not need this opportunity at the churches expense.

LSU student petition surfaces
I am so proud of the 78 students and professors that signed this petition. It is sad that they weren’t heard until now. Why did we wait six year to validate their concerns? We probably shouldn’t wait for this again. Unless the teaching at the university is different, we probably won’t get this kind of response again. Students are probably convinced by now that evolution is what the church teaches.

AAA to examine LSU
From the comments I assume that the accreditation team is hard at work by now. For those of you that have never served on such a team, the purpose of an accreditation is not to evaluate the school, BUT to evaluate the school in light of what the school says it is doing. So this issue would be part of the evaluation if in fact LSU says it is an Adventist institution, and teaches creation science in the biology department. If it doesn’t make these claims either in its handbook or on its website or in publications about the school then it probably would not be within the scope of the work of the committee. Since LSU has already mentioned the issue in their self-study, then it is safe to assume that it will be included. We all need to pray for this committee.

As to the other comments about being Christlike and polite–sometimes when we are standing for what it right it is very difficult to be polite. Check out history–the reformers weren’t always polite either!

PUC responds
to Johnny Vance, Nov. 3

You are absolutely right. There are more Adventist universities teaching this philosophy of science in addition to La Sierra. When I was at the GC I spoke to some representatives of different schools, and asked about their biology departments. More than one told me,”We are teaching inline with La Sierra.” This whole issue is a lot bigger than any of us have imagined.

LSU student petition criticizes curriculum
It seems obvious that the LSU Biology Department has no plans to change any time soon. I think the original function of this website was to inform the average Adventist of the concerns at La Sierra. Perhaps, now that that has been accomplished (if indeed it has) a shift in focus is in order. Perhaps it could become a site for sharing information that is helpful to creationists when confronted with evolution where ever they find it. It could include geological evidence, biological evidence and even evidence from outer space. We live in awesome times: new scientific material is being discovered daily. Just for example explore and see all the beautiful pictures of stars, planets and space the Hubble Space Telescope sends to earth daily. There are so many fantastic discoveries, perhaps we could use the site better in a different way. Just a suggestion. I’ve really appreciated what has been accomplished through this site. Still it is easier to be “against” something than “for” something.