The LSU Board does NOT have the nerve to discipline …

Comment on LSU board members do have whistleblower protection by Oscar Phillips.

The LSU Board does NOT have the nerve to discipline or fire ANY board members. The others know that there would be such an uprising that it would threaten the very existence of LSU.

I truly hope and pray that those charged with the solemn responsibility of running that university WAKE up and realize the error of not taking a stand for the right and terminate the teachers who insist on teaching falsehood. If the teachers will agree to change and do what is right, i.e., teach in accordance with the Bible story of creation (YES, 6 24-hr days!!), they can stay. Otherwise, their employment should be terminated.

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I have been following this subject for quite awhile, however, I have yet to see something change. It appears that our church leaders are not acting fast enough. Here we are almost at the beginning of another school year and the SAME faculty members are STILL in place!!!! This a shame…. If they are going to be drawing a salary from an Adventist university, they had better be promoting our traditional Adventist understanding of the creation account.

Why isn’t the chairman of the board, Elder Graham, taking a more assertive stand in this matter? It is a well-known fact that a number of LSU board members do not support the President’s position. What is being done by the church to support them?

My hope is that our new GC President will not flinch in the face of opposition to the position he so clearly stated during his address at the GC session.

Maybe more needs to written in the Adventist Reviw to keep this matter before the laity till a significant change takes place.