Dear Bob, Although I do not agree with you in your …

Comment on Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict by Ricky Kim.

Dear Bob,

Although I do not agree with you in your conclusions regarding my latter comment, I nevertheless respect your views and am grateful for the opinion you have been willing to share. I will go ahead and list the comments I disagree with alongside my reasoning, and would be most grateful if you would take the time to clarify them for me.

1. “We spend quite a bit of time sending satellites up where there is no normal rise and set of the sun as they travel through our solar system. This does not stop us from knowing what 24 hours “is”.”

This does not stop us from knowing what 24 hours “is” because we make our satellites travel relevant to our natural environment where a 24 hour period exist and operates.

2. “From a science POV the “evening and morning” sequence does not require sun – it requires a rotating planet with a period that is the same as the one we have today – and a “light source” (does not have to be the sun) – that is on ONE SIDE instead of on ALL sides.”

What exactly was this light source? I have a hard time acknowledging that this is to be translated literal versus figuratively as a creation of an environment for the sun, moon, and stars to inhabit as i have stated before.

3. “Our own FIRST fundamental belief argues that the bible IS a reliable accurate account/record of history – and as it turns out – the record “starts” with DAY-ONE of Creation week. Thus the irreconcilable differences confronting the would-be “seventh-day darwinian” start from the very first Fundamental Belief.”

The issue with established doctrine is that it is not open to new truths that may be unveiled throughout the course of time. This is one of the reasons why there was a faction within the early church on the question of whether adopting the functionality of a doctrine would prove to be prudent or not. Also with that said, the Christian scriptures were written about 2000 yrs before Christ and about 200 years after Christ, that’s it. Whereas modern science did not occur to about the time of Gallieo, Newton, and Einstein. How can there be any science in the Bible, there cannot be, the two historical periods are separated by to much. I have a harder time trying to convince myself of this when I realize that only about 1% of the population during that time (upperclass, religious leaders) where literate and educated.

Also, I will argue that the Bible is not an accurate picture of history. For a number of reasons but I will name 2 to keep in short:

1) There are no extra-biblical evidence that the Exodus ever occured, or at least in the massive of a scale. For if there were, there would have been at least some evidence of it in Egypt or at least in its surrounding countries.

2) From the human genome project it is quite evident that the human race has its origins in Africa. Where they began to spread out to various parts of the world. As we know, an Ice Age did occur which set itself upon the Northern part of our world. Now, as the Ice melted-various floods would have occurred-in the Northern parts of the earth. Interestingly enough, all records of flood stories come from these Northern parts of the world. That is to say, that a global flood is quite questionable.

Ricky Kim Also Commented

Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
Well gentlemen,

This certainly has been an interesting dialogue,
and I must thank each of you for allowing me to play the devil’s advocate.
And leaving notes upon my various comments. Very enjoyable indeed. However, a quick injection I wish to make.

Enuma Elish or the babylonian creation myth seems to share similarities with the Genesis account. Considering that its creation myth is older. I wanted to ask what are we to make of this? Did God inspire the Babylonians with some truths? And if so, can we consider that all religions lead to one God? And if not, how seriously are we to take the narrative of Genesis. Which also has 2 perspectives of creation. Verse 1 & 2?

Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
“We can easily agree with Ricky that once you toss the Bible out the window – belief in evolutionism (no matter how irrational and unscientific it is) is just about all that is left.”

Mr. Bob,

I don’t know how you can dismiss evolution as being irrational and unscientific-I mean religion teaches that a talking snake existed, alongside a burning bush, and men rising from the dead.

To say the Jesus rose from the dead, or preformed the various miracles that is told has happened based on scripture suggest that the natural order of things, of how the earth operates and still continues to operate till this very day has been suspended and has leaned on your favor. Tell me, what is more likely? that the natural order of things has indeed been suspended, or everything that is “miraculous” is not very miraculous at all?

But this again, will fall into conflict do to how we see the Bible.

Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
Mr. Stone,

I don’t understand your usage of the terms “liberal” and “fundamentalist”.
Believe me, if you followed everything the Bible says-you would be out stoning the homosexuals, killing the witches, etc…

Everyone pick and chooses passages from the Bible.

You can’t be 100% objective about it, because the moment you read it you already are interperting it in your own unique way.