@ Ricky: You question, “. . . does God really need …

Comment on Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict by Byron Comp.

@ Ricky:

You question, “. . . does God really need a companion? I thought [He] didn’t need anything?” And in a previous post, “Why did God Create anything to begin with? Why not just hang out with the [Trinity]?”

The short answer is: LOVE! Love must be shared, else it is limited. At some point in eternity past the Trinity decided that having creatures made like themselves with the capacity to love, creatures with whom they could share their love, was worth the risk that some of those creatures would choose not to share that love and would rebel against it.

No, that does not make Them (Trinity) responsible for their (creatures) rebellion, given that love demands freedom to choose not to love, else it is not love. (Marriage and children will demonstrate this point most effectively!) The risk was so severe that when the event occurred, One of Them (Trinity) had to choose to give up Himself in order to restore the creatures who chose to accept love back into a full, loving relationship with Trinity and each other.

Eventually, those who chose against love will be removed so that those who chose in favor of love can enjoy the results of their choice and the efforts of Him who made it possible into eternity future. Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored.

I’m truly sorry if you don’t see the love Trinity has displayed and choose to join them. They will always miss you!