This comment is in response to the resolution made up …

Comment on Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict by Ricky Kim.

This comment is in response to the resolution made up above that I find to be deeply disturbing: We define creation science in the context of the recent creation week of seven ordinary, literal, historical, consecutive, contiguous twenty-four hour days of divine creation and rest as described in Genesis.”
I must ask, has it never occurred to the brilliant mind of Elder. Ted or to the other Adventist believers to consider the following notion: that the sun, moon, and stars were not created until the 4th day of the creation week. In which case, if this in fact is true, how can one logically argue for the position that the first 3 days were literal twenty-four hour periods, when in fact it could have been a thousand or perhaps a million years? Do we not use the celestial bodies to determine our concept of time and space? It seems that the verses describing the Creation are not to be taken literally but more figuratively, allow me to explain. On day one we have the creation of light and darkness, on day two the separation of the waters, and on the third the creation of land. The things that are created on the preceding days are to be those things that inhabit the created space. The sun, moon, and stars are to inhabit the light and darkness. The birds and fish are to inhabit the sky and sea. The animals are to inhabit and roam the land. One must also consider the historical use and influence of the Babylonian creation myth “Enuma Elish” that the Jews employed during the Babylonian exile to conceive the creation account found within the book of Genesis.
Please understand, my comment is not intended to offend or dissuade fellow readers. But a mere inquiry that is open to hearing responses. I eagerly wait to hear word. Thank you.

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Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
[edit – Sorry Ricky. Your recent questions and comments, while very interesting and provocative, are simply not part of the main purpose of this particular forum. All the best with your continued search. Just consider that your ability to be empathetic with the suffering of humanity was given to you from outside of yourself. If there is a God, surely He knows what you feel since He is the one who created you with the moral sensibilities that you have… – sp]

Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
Prof. Kent,

I will agree with you in your statement that there are no easy answers for this question. Which is why I continue to disbelieve in a loving, all-powerful, and all-knowing God. I dare say, that this question is apart of many others which leads fellow human beings like myself to question God’s existence and more importantly his character. If he truly cared for the skeptics out there, I would think that he will reveal this hidden mystery that frustrates so many. What is he so scared of? Also, in regards to your comment, does God really need a companion? I thought he didn’t need anything?

However, I digress.
It seems like our only answer to resolving suffering in this world gentlemen is to combat it. In the spirit of the “Good Book” I say that will be to take care of the poor, widow, orphan, and resident alien among us. To fight for the rights of the marginalized, and to give voice to those who have none. And ultimately regain the dignity that has been robbed through violence, rape, and other wicked acts.

May we live honorably up to the various convictions we hold to be true.


Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
Mr. Lysle Williams,

With all do respect, It really frustrates me how you continue to babble on things that makes no point whatsoever to the question I am asking.
Your argument regarding free-will alongside the various illustration you have so elaborately written up in support of your thesis makes no mark if we were to consider my original proposition:

Why did God create anything to begin with? Why not just hang out with the trinity? Knowing that by creating he is leaving the fate of his creatures to chance? Why create? what is the purpose of creating anything? Do you understand my question now? If you don’t please say so.