To whom it may concern: I think it is a …

Comment on Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism by LeRoy Jackson.

To whom it may concern: I think it is a disgrace what our universities have become. Not just LSU but Avondale College in Australia. Carries the same opinion. Satan is working mightily. But God will prevail…
If one discounts any of God’s word, and teaches differently, God will hold them accountable..
Just look at what His word says:

Gen 1:1 In the beginning H7225 God H430 created H1254 (H853) the heaven H8064 and the earth.H776
Gen 1:2 And the earth H776 was H1961 without form,H8414 and void;H922 and darkness H2822 was upon H5921 the face H6440 of the deep.H8415 And the Spirit H7307 of God H430 moved H7363 upon H5921 the face H6440 of the waters.H4325
Gen 1:3 And God H430 said,H559 Let there be H1961 light:H216 and there was H1961 light.H216
Gen 1:4 And God H430 saw H7200 (H853) the light,H216 that H3588 it was good:H2896 and God H430 divided H914 H996 the light H216 from H996 the darkness.H2822
Gen 1:5 And God H430 called H7121 the light H216 Day,H3117 and the darkness H2822 he called H7121 Night.H3915 And the evening H6153 ( ereb) ערב and the morningH1242 (bôqer) בּקר were H1961 the first H259 day.H3117
And this was recorded for each day of The Creation Week.
When is our Leaders going to clean Gods teaching houses?
LeRoy Jackson