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Comment on Creation/evolution clash at LSU by Adam Hendron.

Thanks for sharing the excerpts, Shane. I welcome comments at the source article, as well as other pieces I’ve written.

Recent Comments by Adam Hendron

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
We know that Abraham Lincoln lived based upon faith. We have to believe that those who have written the books and taken the photos were not lying to us. We have to trust that they are telling us the truth. in other words we have to believe by faith that what we have heard about Lincoln is real. There is not one scientific experiment that could be done that can prove that Lincoln existed.

The same thing goes for Creation. We have to believe by faith that God is telling us the truth. Science cannot prove that creation happened. It cannot prove that it didn’t happen. This is because Creation is not a hypothesis. It is a fact of faith.

Scientific methodology is simply a logical process by which we can study creation. But without the philosophical foundation of Biblical truth, science cannot prove what happened in the past.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
“There are two major predictions that derive from the flood model:
1. “Plants and animals that lived together should be buried together in the geological column.

False straw-man prediction. This is based on a flawed understanding of what the flood was like. It was far more catastrophic than you imagine.

2. “The biogeography of contemporary plant and animal groups should reveal a pattern of dispersal originating from Mt. Ararat.
False straw-man prediction. It assumes that one would find such pattern in the fossil record, which is contrary to creationary flood models where the fossil record is the record of the flood, not post-flood events. And it assumes that fossils lived where they were buried, again not a flood model assumption

“Virtually all SDA biologists and geologists agree that these are two HUGE problems for creationism, as our explanations to account for these failures are embarrassingly weak.”

This is a “Huge problem” in your eyes only because you are all bound up in the blinders of naturalism..

The question is what to do with the evidence: follow where it leads–to accept the evolutionary model–or reject the evidence in favor of inspired history?

WRONG! The question is how do you interpret the evidence within the Biblical world view of creationism. Creationism is not an hypothesis or theory to be tested by science. Rather it is the philosophical paradigm within which science MUST be done.