The baby does not “think and feel.” It responds to natural …

Comment on Updating the SDA Position on Abortion by Bill Sorensen.

The baby does not “think and feel.”
It responds to natural law.
As for the human identity, it is given by God at birth and preserved in the mind of God after death.

The developing baby had no individual identity until birth.

While abortion is a high level responsibility to the family and even society, it is not murder. And the church will never define it as such much to the chagrin of many who think it is.

A woman who took a “morning after pill” did not just murder a human being.

She aborted the process of procreation. If it is murder the day before birth, then
it is murder the first day the process began.

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Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
Well, of course Sean, people at Fulcrum 7 will not agree with you. Their whole ministry is based on the false idea that abortion at any time from the first day is murder. Check out their comments and articles and you will see.

And then they try to heap guilt on anyone who does not agree with their bogus conclusion and demand the church must change its policy to fit their bogus doctrine. At least this is Gerry Waggoner’s position. I am not sure David Read would concur with this radical non-biblical position. But Doug Yowell does. As well as majority of their supporters.

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
The problem with your post is this. At what precise point is it murder or not?
Some one must define this issue to properly state how the church must act toward church members who may think otherwise about the decision. Murder is no small issue to deal with.

And just because it is not murder, does not lessen the importance of the issue as a human life is developing inside the woman. The church has rightly stated that everyone who is personally involved should carefully consider the implications of any decision for all will answer to God for what ever decision they make.

If a woman is raped, it is no one’s business but her’s and the family as to the decision she will make about this incident in which she had no willing participation. Neither should anyone try to heap guilt on her and her husband or others involved with the decision made.

The same applies to a young lady about 14 who may be raped. It is no one’s business to heap guilt on this girl or her family if they opt for an abortion. They have enough to deal with without some pious self righteous soul trying to heap guilt on the girl and family calling it murder.

The church position is viable and needs no basic improvement.

Updating the SDA Position on Abortion
That’s right, Sean.
Many assume that if there is any life in the woman, this means it is a human being.
They are wrong, but you won’t convince them otherwise.
This is why they call it murder with no qualification.

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Sean, we all know where you stand.
Give it a rest.

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Well, Sean. Some doctors say one thing
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So you can support any side you
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Many have made up their minds and
no amount of “proof” will change it.

My wife and I both took the Johnson
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But we still think people must have a
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And no. We don’t want to create a time of
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Take care.

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What we really hate is the way politicians use the situation
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Spiritual matters will soon be the agenda and we
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They even makeup some crisis for their agenda.
Take care.

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It only proves everyone has a personal
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Take care