@Bill, Thank you for your reply. I agree completely. However, …

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@Bill, Thank you for your reply. I agree completely. However, we have very few in our SDA leadership who have the backbone to stand up for God’s Truth, especially out here in California!

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The Origin of the Sabbath and the 7-Day Week

Faith: It seems to me that there has been a great deal of emphasis on the prohibition of criticism of the church–beginning way back when the heresies began creeping in. The ministers have been indoctrinated with the thought that we are not to criticize the church ever for any reason–and other ministers likewise.This is not altogether wrong–but when error is seen in the church or the ministerial ranks, there should be no hesitation on the part of any of us to raise the alarm. There are ways outlined in the Bible and SOP to do just that, so we must be supposed to do it. It is my belief that Satan misuses the non-critical platform to stop us from nipping in the bud the heresy that has come into the church. There is a fine line to walk in this, but truth must be upheld no matter what. It seems to me that the general membership of the church should be a sort of check and balance to the leadership. They aren’t perfect and if they make wrong decisions, the membership needs to point it out before it goes too far. If this had been done decades ago we wouldn’t be here now.

Refusing to criticize by name is not only found among SDA pastors, but is also found in general within the church. A recent example is Lincoln Steed’s comments on 3ABN recently about the “hate crimes” legislation in the House and how it was actually harmful to our religious liberty, but publicly supported by an SDA Congresswoman! He refused to give her name, and I don’t even remember if he used the term “man” or “woman” at all.

Instead of saying Sheila Jackson Lee and telling the truth, Steed played the same criticizing without specifying who he’s talking about game. Shouldn’t we actually know the real names of those that are undermining our SDA Church? Especially if they claim to be members of our Church?

The Origin of the Sabbath and the 7-Day Week
@Bill Sorensen, Your Jan. 6 comment about how church employees, especially pastors, are very reluctant to get involved in something like ET, even though they fully support its goals, is very true.

I’ve asked numerous SDA pastors why they are “silent.” They all say they are afraid the conference officials will start pressuring them or even threatening them.

One actually said, (I’m paraphrasing) “I don’t want my boss to get upset.”

When I asked him who his “boss” was, he named the conference President. I then told him I thought his (and my) “Boss” was God. He became embarrassed and sheepishly admitted I was correct.

But, he still won’t speak up on any controversial issue. Are most SDA pastors this spineless? It seems so by seeing how few participate in this forum and even in other issues.

Silence appears to be “golden” regarding these matters.

The Origin of the Sabbath and the 7-Day Week
Bill, Great analysis of Dr. Taylor and his kind. According to him and his cronies, the bible can be “interpreted” anyway one wants. He is not alone however. We have many more like him that are trying to lead our SDA Church down the “yellow brick road” to heresy and apostasy. Unfortunately, the Pacific Union Conference, and its institutions, have the greatest share of these people, some of which are in “leadership” positions.

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Thanks Sean for telling us the “rest of the story!” Very interesting!

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What exactly does “more inclusive” mean? The Northern California Conference uses this term in their literature, without explaining what it really means.

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@David Read, Can ET or Advindicate get an interview with somebody who actually knows, first hand, what went on with this AAA accreditation? What “deals” were made and by whom, why, and with what “strings” attached?

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@Sean Pitman, I agree with the lack of transparency at LLU and virtually anywhere in our SDA system. The hiding behind closed doors is rampant, not only at LLU, but on the Conference level, Union, and even the GC. Try to ask anybody a really specific question. All you get is either nothing or another set of vague responses. Try it some time, and you will see what I mean.

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Any insiders know WHY this happened? Was it part of a “deal” with AAA for accreditation?