Will it be taped and made accessible here? …

Comment on Sean Pitman to speak at Loma Linda University by Ron Welch.

Will it be taped and made accessible here?

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If the Creation Account Isn’t True…
While talking, a thought struck me, and I said to her, “You know, Sue, if you’re right and I’m wrong, and there is no God and no creation, at least I have tried to behave myself and be a good citizen, and have lived a good life. If the creation account isn’t true, I will have nothing to lose! But, if I’m right and you’re wrong, and there is a God who created, who gave us the plan of salvation, and the Bible as a guide of life, and you reject Him, then you will have everything to lose! I would rather be safe than sorry!!”
The only point this argument makes is that Christians view faith in God as the ultimate life insurance policy. Isn’t there a better reason for belief in God?