@Adventist Student: As a fellow Adventist High school student, I …

Comment on Report on LSU constituency meeting by Conservative Adventist Student.

@Adventist Student:

As a fellow Adventist High school student, I wish to inform you that not ALL or probably even most are ‘voting with our feet’. We vote with spiritual guidance and careful consideration on how and where we would get the BEST education, be it Adventist or not.

As to all of us being ‘Progressive’ (another word for LIBERAL) I think there is a large population of Adventist and American young people as myself who are migrating to the more CONSERVATIVE brand of Adventist and politics. Now I realize this may not be the most well taken thought, but may I say, that Liberalism as a ideology IS a religion that will intertwine and in-tangle any other religion. Remember that liberalism is the ideology that spawned the humanist movement where men can control weather, evolution, and do almost anything, in addition to the adoption of macro-evolution in our schools. It is also plain in the political atmosphere LSU now has many parallels with the bigger political atmosphere we have in the United States at the moment.

In addition, I wonder if you really have all the facts before you said that there will be record freshmen classes at PUC and LSU? Did you check the demographics? Are they a majority of non-adventist ‘progressives’? Maybe there are many that decided NOT to go because of the sole doctrine of macro-evolution at LSU? Maybe some decided to go because of it? I don’t know for sure, but I would be interested where your sources come from and that you can prove it. As for me, most of the SDA young people I know from late that have gone to Adventist school have gone to SAU. (that does not mean they have record freshmen classes)