It is truely a sad day when actions concerning apostacy …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by Mike Messer.

It is truely a sad day when actions concerning apostacy must be taken from areas far from the source instead of being dealt with locally. Thank you my Michigan Conference for your voice on this issue. Though this issue may bring about some change through similar actions of other conferences, it will be “forced compliance” at best and those who have allowed such blatlant apostacy to breed will probably still be in administrative positions to direct the minds of our young people.

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Michigan Conference accused of shunning LSU choir students
There are “good” people at most of our educational institutions and we should be careful to remember that when addressing the issues that arise from time to time. That said, we should not be hesitant to reprove and even remove those who allow non biblical teaching to creep into our institutions. Not just shuffle them on to somewhere else to deal with the same problems, but kindly point out the error of their ways and terminate them. It appears at times that we are more afraid of man’s lawsuits than we are of God’s judgment! You and I will be held accountable for not doing our part to uphold His standards. My conference is doing their part in their circle of influence to address the La Sierra issue.
I was happy to see the Schwartz name at Kettering cleared up. Brian was my classmate in academy and is a great guy. He and his wife are doing a great work.

Michigan Conference accused of shunning LSU choir students
It takes courage to be a seemingly lone voice in this evolutionary event that continues to be unresolved at La Sierra. I thank you my Michigan Conference administration for your wise handling of this situation. May we follow your example in protecting Biblical truths in our schools and churches regardless of peer disdain.
Mike Messer