Are the members of LSU willing to come out with …

Comment on LSU responds to Adventist Review article by Richard.

Are the members of LSU willing to come out with a statment that affirms the SDA belief that God created the earth in 6 literal days and that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are still the inspired word of God, and at the same time say that evolution is false?

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It’s about authority
Everyone in the end is entitled to believe as they will. But, if the SDA church belief system doesn’t fit your beliefs, please find another church, and don’t ruin it for us. We believe in the Bible and the Bible only. There are plenty of churches out there that mix the bible with tradition. So if you can’t fully accept the Bible please join one of them. This is God’s last day church, and he wants it kept pure.

Creationist students find little support from LSU
I find this report very very disturbing. I wonder why the GC has not stepped in as yet. It seems as the university needs a complete turnover of staff, or closed down. It is a shame to our name that this university exists. I would like to send Grismer an email, does anyone have his address.
May God bless those that are running this website, I have sent your newsletters to all that I know over here in Norway and England. We must stand up to this heresy until it is blotted out completely.

Adventist Review defends its article
Why don’t you guys join this:

Adventist Review defends its article
Question. Is the AR willing to say in plain words that LSU in fact is teaching evolutionism as the right answer for origins?