Genesis 1 – Genesis 2:2 tells the story of how …

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Genesis 1 – Genesis 2:2 tells the story of how God created this world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. This is the fundamental belief of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and most Christian denominations, but the SDA Church is largest group that keeps the seventh day as the Sabbath day of rest. The rest of Genesis 2 tells the creation in story simple telling fashion and in no way should we say that it contradict the Genesis 1-2:2,

La Sierra University is private university owned, run and funded by the Seventh Day Adventist organization and its members, therefore the professors/teachers running the classes there should abide by the most fundamental, basic biblical belief of the SDA church. The same lessons that we teach our children at our homes and churches should be applied in all our schools too.

Personally I do not want to be the person responsible for misleading others about our God, His Mighty Powers to create and His Love for us undeserving mankind. The God who sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins and is coming back to take us to Heaven soon.

May God Bless and Keep us all in His Fold.

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Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs
There used to be a couple who attended our church over 25 years ago. They were very interested in our beliefs and studied deeper and deeper. We thought they were going to be baptized and join the SDA church after the bible study. Then they stopped coming.
Later on we found out that they, their uncle and some friend bought a piece of property close to the city center and turned it into a Church. they called it Church of God Seventh Day and worshipped on Saturdays instead of Sunday. The church is still there with the same name. The group have been attending various churches, picking the various churches’ doctrine that they like and put it together into one and used it as their doctrine.
This is the proper thing for them to do. Those who don’t agree with the SDA FB and are trying to dismantle it and divide the church should learn a lesson from this group and form their own group/church.
It is not right for them to collect pay cheques from the SDA church and at the same time undermine/destroy the basic SDA beliefs of the organisation that pay them.

AAA to examine LSU

Re Kirk’s Quote“True, but Moses spoke to God which who switched on those lights and inspired Moses what to write. So what exactly are you trying to say – that Moses wasn’t inspired in what he wrote…that its just what anybody could have written? Kirk(Quote)”Dear KirkThanks for your comments.I don’t know what inspired Moses, or EGW, or Mohammed, or Buddha, or….Why, because I wasn’t there and don’t know them. Perhaps they were all divinely inspired. Perhaps God divinely revealed evolution to Darwin. I don’t know that. Takes faith I guess. I prefer rational inquiry without a faith or non faith bias.Hope that helps and that you are having a grat Sabbath.Your agnostic friendKen  (Quote)

have you seen the air we breathe in and out. I haven’t, but I have faith and believe that I am breathing air.
did the computers, tv evolve from nothing? they were created/invented by people who have the ideas/dreams and perfected by others along the way.
if I tell you 25 years ago that you would be able to talk to someone at the other side of world and at the same time see their face (skype/cell phone) you will tell me that I am a crazy dreamer.
I believe and have faith that God created this world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day (Sabbath). I wasn’t there when Moses wrote Genesis, but I believe He was inspired by GOD to write it. There are things that we cannot explain rationally, no matter how we try, that’s where Faith, believe and hope comes in.