Open Letter to the Board of Trustees

shaneDear Board of Trustees of La Sierra University,

This letter is written on behalf of those who represent and its supporters. Our purpose is to create awareness about theistic macroevolution being taught at La Sierra as the preferred worldview. We have a very large audience, considering we’ve only been running for about 12 days (over 22,000 views). If you haven’t already, we invite you to take a look at our website–material is being uploaded daily.

We’d also like to inform you that we have created a petition, which at the time of this letter, has received 394 signatures.

Since our site is serving as the main portal for those concerned on this issue, we would like to ask what you have done in this regard?

Has the board met? If so, what was the outcome? What is being done right now? Please give us some idea of what is going on at the leadership level. We’re praying for all of you on a daily basis. You are in a difficult position. While the solution to this problem may not be clear yet, it is most definitely clear that theistic macroevolution should not be taught at our schools as the preferred worldview.


Shane Hilde

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