This is the first time I have seen this letter. …

Comment on David Asscherick letter to the General Conference by lulubel.

This is the first time I have seen this letter. Thank you so much for writing this on behalf of God’s people. Where are the leaders of our church in this matter? My heart aches for the terrible things being done under our banner. And every day, more damage is being done for eternity. Leaders, you will answer to God for your inaction.

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La Sierra Univeristy Fires Dr. Lee Greer; Signs anti-Creation Bond
I support Educate Truth and I hope you all keep up the excellent work. In the same way modern religionists love to run around calling any disagreement an attack on faith, so do those who support the teachers of falsehood call those who rightly expose their errors, “attackers”. If you can’t stand the heat…

LSU propaganda
Every time they mention the church’s position on creation, it is prefixed by the word, “voted”. They want to imply that the church’s stance on this is about a vote rather than about scripture, as if a vote can mandate the meaning of scripture. This is Satan at his most subtle, and their twisted truth is so close to the reality that you need spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit to understand what is really being said. Yea, hath God really said we were created in seven literal days, or was that just the majority vote?

La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
“Voted position”??? How undermining. And they teach all about what the church teaches. That means they do not teach it as fact, just that the church happens to have voted to promote the literal creation. Get these men out of our school immediately or shut the thing down at once. [edit] The longer these people can influence our sons and daughters, the more converts to falsehood [will be made]. I am appalled, and this statement is, for me, the decisive proof that the church has been undermined and young minds – and lives – lost through subtle, insidious lies. Where are the real men in this church? Stumbling around trying not to hurt feelings? Get them out.

Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
I am disgusted that teachers who promote evolution are allowed to continue. How much longer must this drag on?

Defining Adventism: A poll
No-one should be employed as church representatives unless they agree completely. Ministers should not, either. It’s not about Satan’s methods. It’s whether they are Seventh-day Adventists or not. Everyone is welcome to fellowship, and the Holy Spirit works with and in all, but our church must have defining and descriptive doctrine, or we might as well join the rest of the Protestants. Satan is working in so many ways today. Distracting music, evolution – who would have thought our church could be so damaged? Thank God that He is in control, even in the worst apostasy. Take your children out of this college if it fails to make a decided change.