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Comment on Why Orthodox Darwinism Demands Atheism by Stan Hudson.

I was a speaker at the Yes, Creation series at the GC (and manned the Geoscience Booth a few days), and have known Ben Clausen (casually) over the years. I think Ben has been affected by various creationist statements over the years that are weak scientifically, in his mind. He is rather rigorous in this, even combative on the idea that Genesis can be supported with a scientific model. I think he does believe Genesis, wishing to place it in a separate mental box, so to speak. Not science, but more personal faith. This is a common practice among some.

As for me, I prefer stating the obvious weaknesses scientifically of the evolutionary model for origins. They are numerous, easy to explain. And the idea that design is clear should also be easy. Good science is an ally here. But to go so far as to say we can build a “scientific model” for a six-day creation…well, Ben is correct on that. We can’t! And here we do enter into the neighborhood of the brain called “religious faith.” And FYI, that puts it next door to “scientific faith.”

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Why Orthodox Darwinism Demands Atheism
This is a good article as far as it goes, but the basic premise of Darwinism and theism as not compatible is quite a stretch of logic. To accomodate Darwin one can most definitely conceive of a “god” who either directs evolution or creates matter to let it develop itself (were that possible). What Darwinism CAN’T be compatible with is anything that resembles historical Christianity, with its obvious focus on an active God. That is, to be logically compatible. Goodness knows the world feels comfortable redefining “god” at will into various forms. But isn’t that where we truly part company with the Christian God? Shouldn’t we assume He’s capable of revealing Himself and His activities and do so reasonably accurately? He will “be found” when we seek Him “with all of our heart.” But no casual searcher will be rewarded thus.

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Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
The “Yes, Creation!” talks were well-attended throughout the GC session. The interest in the worldwide church (and especially the western church) in these issues is at an all time high.

Since there is no greater point of departure between our worldview and the world’s than in the area of origins, there will be battles to be fought…but so very tragically, many of those battles will be within our own borders.

Elder Wilson will need his armor….