Very good article and a testing truth for our time. …

Comment on The Sabbath’s relevance to the debate about origins by gcwagoner.

Very good article and a testing truth for our time.



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Four new LSU board members
Getting closer to Spectrum magazine is a step in the wrong direction if the school wishes to cleanse itself of unBiblical liberalism. An Amazing Facts associate would be a much better board-member choice in the struggle for orthodoxy and Scriptual integrity.

CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU
External friendliness is not a good barometer of internal turmoil, friend.

You stated that you “felt judged” by Southern. Do you understand the difference between real guilt and false guilt?



Defining Adventism: A poll
The dividing line between truth and error is fixed and well-defined in God’s Word. It is the Believer’s battle front. On one side is light, on the other side darkness. There is no demilitarized zone where the forces of truth and error may meet under a flag of truce and negotiate.

Evolution is idealogically incompatible with the Bible record. People who desire to teach at our universities should be permitted to do so if they believe & teach the things that we stand for. Those who cannot agree with our position on a six day creation should have the decency to work elsewhere. It’s the right thing to do.

An appeal to our leadership
If you say what does it take to be a Christian I would say “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, that God has raised Him from the dead, and repent – if you with your heart and mind, trust Jesus, I would say “You are a believer.”

Then you come to me and you say what does it take to belong to your church? I say, “If you join this particular church where I am a member, there are certain doctrinal beliefs that you have to believe. For instance, you can’t believe that the Bible is 90% garbage and 10% nice and still be a member of that body. You can’t do that. There are certain doctrines to which you are committed. There is also a certain code of Biblical conduct to which you are committed. So if you belong to a community of believers, it is not just a belief in Christ but a certain harmonic expression of that belief that you are committed to.”

Now, you say what does it take to teach at an Adventist school or our Universities? I say “Now you have to add even more. So with each line of affiliation you put the plus, plus, plus. Not because the second and the third make you a Christian but it places upon you a greater accountability and responsibility as a dispenser of truth to which you are held accountable by a community of believers.”

It is both unethical and dishonest to receive payment from Adventists while weakening the Biblical faith of its children.

GYC Q&A addresses universities who hire and protect evolutionists
I thought the black sister tried too hard to be political in her answers. A recognition of Biblical roles was bereft in her answer about women. Where is the affirmation that heaven reserves for the mother in the home? It is lost in the feminist hoopla.

Where are the men who stand for the right though the heavens fall? Where is the courage of our organic church to say of evolution & homosexuality “This is non-negotiable. If you cannot abide by plain Biblical teachings, then you must go. Go in peace, but go you must.”

It also appears that some (drawing on elder Ryan’s comment) mis-interpret Jesus’ patience with Judas as a model for the church. In contrast, Paul met the Corinthian heresies directly, stating that such action itself was redemptive. The sinner was rebuked for the sin, and the flock were protected/assured by that accountability.

I very much appreciate Elder Finley’s acknowledgement of pride on both sides. This is absolute truth. Let us humble ourselves before God and pray for one another.