Louie Bishop, if only there were many more students like …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Lynn Trainor.

Louie Bishop, if only there were many more students like you! You remind me of Daniel and his three friends, standing fearlessly for the right against great odds.

I attended La Sierra many years a go. At a Friday vespers service, a group got up to present the “special music.” It was literally rock music with little disguise. When the group finished, one student stood up in the audience and said humbly, “This is not the right way to worship God; I am leaving.” At that 32 of us rose from our seats and did likewise. Back at the dorm monitors were recording the names of all who had walked out. Receiving my demerit notice, I went immediately to the dean, saying, “I don’t think it is right to require attendance at a service like that.” The dean was amused, and said, “You think we’re so bad? Peter denied Christ! We haven’t denied Christ.” When I told this to the student who had stood up in protest, he said, “We deny Christ every day!”

When I attended La Sierra College as a theology major, I’d led a sheltered life, had the Spirit of Prophecy ideals burning within me, and thirsted for just such an education – over several issues similar to yours I finally decided to withdraw. Thereupon I wrote a letter of explanation to N.R. Dower, president of the General Conference Ministerial Association. I received a kind and very thoughtful response, which included the line, “I can sympathize with you in your evaluation of our ministerial training program.”

From what I understand experiences of this nature are going on in many of our institutions across the land. Thank you, Louie, for your shining example of courage and devotion to the word of God!