I attended La Sierra University. I studied under Dr. …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Amy Banquerigo.

I attended La Sierra University. I studied under Dr. Webster and even took my pre-medical courses (i.e. biology) at LSU. I graduated with a BA in Religious Studies…and it hurts me some of the comments that was mentioned up above.

(just a couple examples)

1. “While it is true that Adventism in southern California includes a very large constitutency that is theologically liberal, it is also true–as you have noted–that many godly, dedicated Adventists live in that region also. Sadly, too many of them keep silent at moments such as these.”
– It seems to be implied that because I am a theologically liberal I am not as “godly, dedicated Adventist”? Let me remind you that liberal or conservative…WE are ALL BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ. And being “liberal” does not make me or anyone else less “godly or dedicated to Adventism.”

2. “There is a present growing evil at work at La Sierra, and the Pacific Union, if it does not take decisive action soon, will be held equally guilty for harming the students’ faith at this institution.”
– I graduate with a BA in Religious Studies and took Pre-medical science course…and in NO WAY did it rattle my faith. In fact La Sierra opened up to me a new understanding of Salvation and God’s grace. I became a student missionary because of the teachings at LSU, and it changed my life FOREVER! In fact, being a “liberal” Adventist allowed me to reach to my students more personally then (what many of you would call) the other “conservative” students were able to do. BUT that does not mean I was more “holy, godly, dedicated, etc” because I reached to more students then the others. I studied evolution…AND creation. Yet, in no way was it an “evil” that “harmed by faith.”

I do applaud Louie for his courage to stand up for the church beliefs. However, I stand up for mine as well. There are different types of individuals in the world. There are different types of SDA students. And I am one that is capable of believing that there is a possibility of an “days of inaugaration” in the idea of creation. And if you claim to NOT support LSU because its teaching go against the “literal, 24 hour day” creation…or claim that there is “evil rising” in LSU..then IN A WAY…you put down my education, my Love for Christ, my faith as a Christian and Seventh-day Adventist that I GAINED from LSU.

It breaks my heart to see this issue bring conflict to the SDA community. I love all my brothers and sisters of the SDA church…and I pray that you understand where I am coming from as a concerned and hurt Alumni in regards to the many comments mentioned here.

La Sierra University is a great school…and I hope whatever the outcome of all this…we all realize that we believe and love the same God, same mission, same message…the ideas of “days of inauguration” and “literal 24 hour days” is not worth this “conflict.”

Whether you agree or disagree with what I’ve said, I hold true to my beliefs and am very proud of my education from LSU.

I hope in no way that this msg causes conflict…but rather understanding from my point of view as an alumni of the School of Religion (who has also taken the major science courses) of LSU. Thank you.

[It is fine for you to personally go wherever your convictions take you on these doctrinal issues. However, it is not fine for someone who is a paid representative to undermine the clearly stated goals and ideals of the organization on the organization’s dime. You may personally think it perfectly Ok to believe in some form of theistic evolution taking place on this planet for billions of years of time. That notion is not, however, the position of the SDA Church as an organized body of believers. In this sense, you would not be a proper representative of the organized SDA Church since your views fundamentally oppose those of this organization. It would therefore be improper of you to take money from the SDA Church, if you ever did decided to become a paid representative, while going about countering what the Church is paying you to do.] – Sean Pitman

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General Biology Seminar 111A to be revised
I think many are misunderstanding the teachings of “evolution” at LSU.

I believe that in no way is God the Creator being undermined! Also, it is not evolution OVER creation that is being taught! Neither is “anti-creatioN” and “pro-evolution” the idea at hand…its a theological approach to the possibility of evolution and creation existing together. I don’t believe that LSU teachings deny or undermine creation or God the creator. Yet, it does address the existence that “evolution” is real. Why can’t it be possible that God creates…and let’s it evolve as well?

This is all from my experience as a Alumni that has taken science classes as a pre-med student and recieving my BA in Religious Studies.

PLEASE do not take this comment as an attempt to built conflict and argument…but rather take it as as a understanding and perspective from a proud graduate of LSU. Thank you.

[LSU isn’t challenging the general concept of God as the ultimate Creator. The problem is that LSU is challenging the SDA position that God created all life on this planet in 6 literal days – not with the aid of an evolutionary mechanism of “survival of the fittest” that requires the suffering and death of billions of sentient creatures over vast periods of time. It is how God created that is at issue here.] – Sean Pitman