Hello Louie, I want to commend you for your courage and …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Bob Burke.

Hello Louie,
I want to commend you for your courage and willingness to stand up for the truth. I experienced some of the same backlash for having the audacity to question certain teachings at the Adventist University I attended as well.
I would not normally suggest something as extreme as what I am about to suggest but I really feel that you need to consult legal help in regard to the actions that have been taken against you. I suspect that the offending letters and admonitions would be quickly expunged if LSU were concerned it may lead to a court case which, even if they won, would expose them for what they are actually teaching.
What I find particularly reprehensible is that the Board of Directors of this institution can so easily bear false witness about what is actually being taught. I guess is evolution isn’t a problem neither is a literal judgment.

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Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
I have to make a correction to something I have mentioned in two other posts. I recalled having lunch with the then president of La Sierra in the late 90’s and how he condescendingly mocked the notion of a literal seven day creation week.
It wasn’t the president of La Sierra, it was the then president of Pacific Union College. Sorry for the mix-up!
Pastor Leddy might want to reconsider eliminating just La Sierra from his choice of schools.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
This is not surprising in the least. Unfortunately Geraty’s position is the norm in our colleges even if it isn’t taught as openly as at La Sierra.
As I noted in another post I had lunch close to 15 years ago with the then president of La Sierra and he mocked the very idea of the Biblical creation account. Incidentally, it was NOT Geraty. This is something that has been going on for years and years and quite frankly it has been allowed by leadership who have either been sympathetic of it or too cowardly to stand up, period!
I went to CUC in Canada and even though the professors had had their hands slapped a couple of years before I arrived they were still very clearly teaching origins with a decided evolutionary bias. When I was at Southwestern we got a tour of the paleontology department and some comments by the professor who hosted us made it clear that he wanted us to be clear that there are “several legitimate theories” on origins.
Sadly, I do not have a great deal of confidence that our “leaders” are going to suddenly exhibit some courage and integrity any time soon.
I have to laugh at Geraty’s ridiculous comments about the Tea Party! What a joke! While groups like AToday and Spectrum have for years used the disgusting tactics championed by Saul Alinsky without any criticism those who stand for truth are now thrown in with what those on the left most despise.
Specrum and everyone involved with it are an absolute disgrace and it is long past time they were exposed for the anti-Adventists that they are! They are cowards who hide behind a facade of “concern” while undermining everything that makes Adventism Adventism.
They are little children who are too afraid to step outside of the Adventist bubble so they try and shape the church into their anti-Christian, anti-Adventist, humanistic worldview. They are simply too scared to totally break free of the church they actually despise. What sad, sad little people. It must be a miserable existence.

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
When I first became a Seventh-day Adventist my wife and I were invited to lunch one Sabbath afternoon. Our hosts were related to the then president of La Sierra University and he was present at the meal.
I can’t remember what exactly precipitated it but at one point this individual made a comment along the lines that anyone who believed in the Biblical account of creation must be pretty uninformed. He actually laughed sarcastically at the thought of anyone questioning evolution and basically mocked them as idiots. All the conversation stopped as our hosts looked nervously about and, realizing his mistake, the “president” immediately changed the subject.
This was the PRESIDENT of La Sierra in the mid-1990s! This is nothing new, the only thing that has changed is that they have now been exposed. I wonder how many of our young people lost their faith at this disgraceful excuse for an “Adventist” university because thier faith in the Bible was completely destroyed.
Randall Wisbey and his colleagues need to either stand for truth or leave. Anyone with an ounce of integrity realizes this. Unfortunately, integrity doesn’t appear to be a strong point of Mr. Wisbey or his faculty.
Let “spectrum” and “atoday” scream and sputter about “witch hunts” all they want. This is about our young people being taught in a safe environment where the beliefs of Scripture are upheld and evolution is presented as an improbable theory instead of the only view that makes sense of the “evidence”.
Sadly, it appears that the evolutionary view is so solidly entrenched at La Sierra that the end result will most likely be that the institution itself will simply walk away from the denomination.

An appeal to our leadership

A Evans: Why aren’t such professors dismissed as soon as they refuse to teach SDA truth?

Its very simple, we have allowed men like Randal Wisbey, who obviously believes the evolutionary theory himself, to lead these universities.