Anybody considering that the withdrawal of SDA support is what …

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Anybody considering that the withdrawal of SDA support is what La Sierra’s real objective is? The Pacific Union needs to take our University back!

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2013 Annual Council Votes to Change Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6
It is time to connect the dots and see who is leading the opposition. Fritz Guy and Larry Geraty lead out in 1980 fundemental belief restatement that supposedly leaves door open for theistic evolution as a SDA belief. They each become president at LSU, Fritz Guy (1990-91) and Larry Geraty (1993-2007) and some how LSU evolves into teaching theistic evolution as well as straight up evolution rather than a literal 6 day creation. Fritz Guy writes books, Understanding Genesis… and another, Christianity and Homosexuality…. Fritz Guy is nominating committee Chairman two sessions in a row in the Southeastern California Conference [edit]. If you google each of them and look at the Wikipedia profile you will see all the honors received within the Adventist Church. We need to wake up! Thankfully, this revision maybe the first step in turning this infiltration from the opposition around.

LSU Removes Dr. Lee Grismer as Chairman of the Biology Department
It is easy to dismiss someone simply by labeling them as a “conspiracy theorist”. Look up “JFK’s speech on Secret Societies” on YouTube and ask your self what was he talking about? The speech supports much of what Dr. Veith promotes, and as we get ready to honor the 50th anniversary of his assassination, once again, what was JFK talking about?

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
While the Creation/Evolution debate continues regarding LSU, it is interesting to note that by Louie Bishop’s choice to follow the biblical model of settling disputes between brethren, rather than the legal system, the respondsibility of what has transpired at LSU shifts to leadership. Elder Wilson, Lisa Beardsley and other leaders now are the defenders of God’s truth at LSU and need to stand for the truth rather than compromise. The “enlightened left” does not appreciate simple truth, God writing with his own finger, and will rebel at any sanctioning of its behavior. But the time is now for leadership to stand up and be counted on this issue! May we all pray for God’s guidance to be upon them!


The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop

pauluc: The title of this thread is not strictly correct. The causal relationships are not correctly stated. It should really be Louie Bishop vs La Sierra University not the other way round…


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Louie’s attorney wrote a letter that accommodated your wishes (i.e., the attached Scribd file at the bottom of Louie’s article). In the title to his letter to Elder Jackson he wrote, “Louie Bishop vs La Sierra University”.

Maybe you are the one who is a little defensive and a little offensive? – re: your implied comparison to Hitler’s “Mien Kampf” and Nazism?! please…

The Full History of La Sierra University vs. Louie Bishop

Patricia Holy:
Contacted General Conference Education Dept. was told they would not comment because of on-going legislation.What a cop-out.Will not pay tithe to an organization that does not have the courage of their convictions.This must be stopped in our SDA schools at all levels.These instructors take an oath to uphold the Bible teachings.They should be fired forth-with.Our young people have enough to cope with without this added to their plate.

The current litigation has frozen GC action under the advise of their legal counsel, which was confirmed by your phone call. Remember, the LSU attorney and GC attorney maybe friendly and may have similar views. A very well qualified attorney familar with the case, adamantly disagreed with the GC position of inaction. We need a bold leader to stand up, we all need to pray for the Lord to bring us that leadership.