To Louie, Shane, et al. Forty years ago my ministerial credentials …

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To Louie, Shane, et al.

Forty years ago my ministerial credentials were lifted and never reinstated as a result of an indiscretion in my personal life. Details and locations are not important to my thoughts here. When presented with the facts by myself, my Conference president was quick to show compassion but to regretfully take the only course of action open to him according to the tenets of the SDA church. And I respected him for it.

How much has changed over forty years! Today, those who have clearly been caught, not only in hidden indiscretions but in outright publicly visible lies, have yet to face any form of discipline from their conference, their union, or their division. I can only think that our leadership all the way to the top, like the ten virgins in Christ’s parable, have fallen asleep and are no longer capable of performing the duties of their respective offices.

And so, as I have done on this forum before, I ask again: If the upcoming GC session passes into history without adequately addressing this issue and removing as many people at LSU, Pacific Union Conference, the North American Division, and even the General Conference as is required to straighten out the mess and eliminate the cancer from among us, what steps are we, the lay people in the pew, prepared to do? Surely God will reveal His will to someone who is willing to stand alongside Louie Bishop and bring this episode of apostasy to an end. And may God have mercy on us all if we fail to support them!

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Jay Gallimore comments on evolution conflict
@ Ricky:

You question, “. . . does God really need a companion? I thought [He] didn’t need anything?” And in a previous post, “Why did God Create anything to begin with? Why not just hang out with the [Trinity]?”

The short answer is: LOVE! Love must be shared, else it is limited. At some point in eternity past the Trinity decided that having creatures made like themselves with the capacity to love, creatures with whom they could share their love, was worth the risk that some of those creatures would choose not to share that love and would rebel against it.

No, that does not make Them (Trinity) responsible for their (creatures) rebellion, given that love demands freedom to choose not to love, else it is not love. (Marriage and children will demonstrate this point most effectively!) The risk was so severe that when the event occurred, One of Them (Trinity) had to choose to give up Himself in order to restore the creatures who chose to accept love back into a full, loving relationship with Trinity and each other.

Eventually, those who chose against love will be removed so that those who chose in favor of love can enjoy the results of their choice and the efforts of Him who made it possible into eternity future. Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored.

I’m truly sorry if you don’t see the love Trinity has displayed and choose to join them. They will always miss you!

LSU’s Board targets three of its members
We seem surprised that action is just beginning. Could it be that the new slate of officers in the GC is viewed as more “threatening” to the status quo?

Praise God for His leadership and prayer-answering power.

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
Perhaps (probably) Dr. Wisbey will not bother to read all these responses to his latest letter, and that’s a shame. Because if he did he would see that many of us who take the time to respond are more questioning and hurt than angry about what’s happening on his watch there at LSU. He would also see that many of these responses take on the form of conversation, which he purports to value but doesn’t see.

It’s not easy to dialogue with someone who refuses to take his opponent’s voice at face value. When responses from Dr. Wisbey’s staff take on the charasteristic form which says, “That’s just the lunatic fringe talking.”, it makes conversation nearly impossible. Besides, the flowery language which Dr. Wisbey is obviously capable of using masks the fact (intentionally?) that he’s not really addressing the questions or points of discussion in the first place. That instead he’s engaging in obfuscation and subterfuge, two of the Devil’s most effective tools for deceiving human beings.

It makes me afraid to even consider taking him up on his invitation to “come to campus and see why La Sierra is increasingly attractive to students and families . . . .” It reminds me of the Savior’s warning to those living in the last days who would hear rumors that He had come and was in the desert or the secret place. He said we should not go forth to see. Could it be because we would be placing ourselves on the enemy’s ground and open ourselves to potential overwhelming deceit?

The longer this scene continues to play out, the more damage it does to God’s church. How many prospective converts will be turned away because they think we’re just a bunch of children unable to agree on what we believe. Dr. Wisbey, are you prepared to meet your part of holy condemnation in the judgment for these actions? I applaud & support the Michigan Conference for the courage of their convictions and pray that more will follow their example.

Byron Comp

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
Gerald Brown wrote:

“The word translated heavens is shâmayim, and is not just a reference to the atmosphere where birds fly and clouds move, but can include the wide expanse of the sky in the sense of where all the celestial bodies can be observed. This wide expanse with everything in it is the entire universe. This word is used seven times in the first chapter of Genesis, and in four places it indicates a reference to space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere (vs. 1, 14, 15, 17), while in three places (vs. 8, 9, & 10), the word means the Earth’s atmosphere. This word is used again in Genesis 2:4 after the Earth has been turned into a place suitable to support life and seems to mean the Earth and its atmosphere.”

If the same word is used in each of the seven references you cite, how can you know which times it means “the Earth’s atmosphere” and in which one’s it means “space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere”? Unless you have actually spoken with Moses to question his true meaning, it seems rather subjective to infer that you know which is which.

I, on the other hand, see all of those words as referring to this earth’s atmosphere, since there is nothing to suggest in the actual text(s) that Moses even KNEW about a heavenly atmosphere beyond that of the one surrounding earth to which he is referring by telling of its creation.

You also mention “the wide expanse of the sky in the sense of where all the celestial bodies can be observed”. It is clear to me by reading vss. 14 thru 18 that Moses tells us that the “celestial bodies”, which he calls “lights”, were all created on the fourth day and placed “in the firmament of the heaven” on that day.

By calling your attention to these ideas am I stating that ALL creation of EVERYTHING took place during what we now call “Creation Week”? No, not at all. I’m simply stating my belief that everything associated with OUR EARTH was created during that literal six-day Creation Week, and that it happened about 6,000 years ago, MOL. To suggest that God called matter into existence “trillions of years ago” and then left it “shrouded in thick clouds so that the surface of the Earth is always dark.” [but that] “In contrast to this, the spirit of Elohiym is described as being content with this situation.” seems again to reflect more detailed information than Moses actually provided.

One other point: you don’t capitalize the word “spirit” where you refer to the third Person of the Godhead and His role in the creation process. Is this intentional?


LSU student writes about controversy
The more I read about the problems at LSU the more I am inclined to agree with Thomas. The school administration has now had ample time to rectify the situation and have chosen instead to look for ways to justify and/or obfuscate it. The officials at the top of the GC have also had ample time to step in and force a realignment, and have similarly failed to do so.

The real question left, though, is what can the rest of us do? Is there a move afoot to take the upcoming GC in Atlanta hostage until something definitive is done? Would that kind of grass-roots takeover be feasible, or even possible? If so, where do I sign up? I’ve had enough!