If there were TRUE forums in the church, where reform …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by muthoni.

If there were TRUE forums in the church, where reform could be accommodated, so that when things go wrong no one had to resort to discussions on this kinds of forums, the church would not be in the condition in which it is today. Such forums just do not exist. People who speak up are shut up, ostrocised and character assassinated, they have to resort to other methods to ensure the church is informed and even rebuked. The church is ran by men, men are prone to error, if we could correct each other in christian love and receive rebuke likewise, Christ would have come. But we do not have a leadership that listens let alone implement anything the members raise. What they do well is as outlined above. When they preached to us to come into the faith, they were very nice, they misused the baptismal fountain and vows, not to lead us to “die to sin” and resurrect in the newness of life in Christ and teach us how to walk there in in truth and righteousness always abiding (1John 3), but, to “initiate us into the denomination” after which we promptly became their property which if it does not adhere to the rules and dictates of the denomination without questioning (cardavar obedience) then they do as above or balckmail you or worse. So my brother, such a forum doesn not exist and if you find yourself in one in which they are listening, it is because you are saying what they want to hear, otherwise you should have been thrown out by now. It is the way of all apostate systems throughout history, nothing new under the sun.

If this website truly wanted to end what was happening at LSU, a debate would be held on one of the forums to form a strategy to end this, instead of repeating things we already known.