I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. …

Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by D Burt.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. If we are paying tithe money to these teachers, then they should hold to the church teachings. If they cannot be ethically honest and state that they do not agree with SDA teachings and positions and go elsewhere for employment, then they should be fired. Pure and simple. If the powers that be refuse to fire them, then have a “tithe strike”. Don’t withold tithe, just send it to another union or world field. When the money dries up, and the school has to make cuts to survive, then you might have someone’s attention!

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“Blindingly Obvious Artifacts” of Intelligent Design
I like this article Sean. Not being from a very scientific background I still found it somewhat easy to understand and appreciate. It appears your distractors try and split to many hairs with you- sometimes too much learning can be detrimental and distracting to real life.
Keep up the good work!

La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
It appears that Prof Kent is perhaps more then likely a ‘plant’ from the liberal camp who enjoys stirring up trouble and aptly plays the devil’s advocate. ‘Me thinks he doth protest too much!’

Bob Ryan, you said you don’t think that the tithe is used to pay teacher’s salaries at SDA educational institutions. You may want to recall discussions and articles carried by the official SDA church publication ‘The Review’ some time back that brought to light the fact that some SDA higher educational institutions were paying additional salary supplements on the side to certain teachers and professors to lure high profile professors to their various institutions because they would not work for the denominational wage scale. It was also brought out during those articles and discussions that professor’s salaries were paid for out of the tithe at the same remuneration schedules as ministers in the denomination.

I once taught for the church in SoCal. I have a close relative who teaches at an SDA university. So I am not entirely unaware of what is going on in life.

La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
Sean, you are doing a great service and job with these postings! Keep up the good work.

Bottom line: no matter how good a teacher Diaz is, or how wonderful any of the teachers are, if they are not going to support the theological positions of thier employer, then to take renumeration is fraudulent, dishonest and unacceptable. Especially when the sacred tithe money pays thier salaries.

Solution- let LSU go it’s own way, sever all connections to the church, including any and all financial support and/or salaries. Then, as a secular university, it can teach anything it wants; and can pay it’s own way.

LSU can’t deny the facts
Actually, the creation vs evolution debate and the promotion of evolutionary ideas at the clear expense of the Biblical account has been going on at other SDA institutions for many years.

I have two kids who both attended and graduated from WWC (now WWU). Both told me pointedly that they were taught by profs from the biology and science departments that the Biblical account of creation could not be correct, for modern science supported a form of some type of evolution that included millions of years. This was about 6-7 years ago.

About 12 years ago, a young person in our church who attended and graduated from WWC told me personally of a professor in once of his science classes who stated that the Biblical account of creation could not be correct, for science supported the long drawn out “millions of years” evolutionary theory.

I was so incensed at this, I personally talked with our conference president and asked him as a member of the NPUC board and WWC board to address this issue with the then president of the NPUC, Jere Patzer. Other SDA parents were also up in arms over this, and there was supposed to be some type of “reorganization” in the theology and science departments at WWC. However, there was still evolutionary error being taught as truth some 7-8 years later at WWC. Apparently the problem was much deeper then many realized, and must have had “protectors” of the status quo who kept “the housecleaning” from happening at the level it needed to.

The problem of misguided professors who teach and support evolutionary theory as truth, or engage in downright misleading and untruthful statements about thier teaching and beliefs system is embedded very deeply in some of our schools.

Private: Samuel Pipim comments on GC’s decisions regarding creation
The solution is actually quite simple. The GC holds the ultimate purse strings. Ask the offending profs and administrators to look for other work. If they don’t wish to go, turn off the funding tap. Without a paycheck, or funds to operate the school with, they will disappear due to thier need of a new paycheck.