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Comment on Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class by Larry Green.

Excellent letter.

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La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
@Bill Sorensen: I agree Bill. And certainly anyone who may choose to support a supporting ministry of our church would hopefully only do so as long as that ministry indeed IS, and CONTINUES being a “supporting ministry” of the Church. — That being said, it appears that Adventists themselves no longer have a say in what the church does, or does not do; even though they are members in good standing and pay their T&O (including supporting the World Budget) through their local church. Case in point….. what good has it done to raise our voices to the church leadership regarding NOT accrediting LSU???? They have IGNORED our voice, and accredited LSU (in spite of our objections), who by its (LSU) actions and teachings, DO NOT support the beliefs of the church, at least in so far as Biblical creation is concerned!!! And if that SDA doctrine falls, every other doctrine falls along with it! So it certainly seems LSU is NOT working alongside of church beliefs, but now finds itself working with a power at odds with the Creator! Straight talk? YES. Truthful talk? YES!

La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
I wonder if this will cause some conscientious Adventists to not support the world church budget, when giving their tithes and offerings? Does not part of the world budget support LSU??

Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
@Marie: Marie: would you say the same thing to God when He cut His losses and threw Satan and a third of the Angels out of Heaven? He did this because of love, you know.

Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
This, from the “horses mouth”, is quite revealing. Church, let the school go its way, and cut the losses, before more souls are lost. The Church is accountable for the damage being done to itself, and its constituents. Repent, before it is too late. MAKE A DECISION!

La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
@Steve Mahan: Correction: the SDA church HAS lost LSU – and should cut its losses. It is no longer an SDA institution of “higher learning.”