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Well done, Doug!

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Board requests progress reports from LSU administration

BILLIE: I think it will be in the hands of the students to take action. They are the ones paying tuition and paying the instructors. So students, it is up to you to question and call out the instructor, stand up , if they are taking the creation/evolution stance.

It would be great if the students would make a stand in the class contrary to the teachings on Evolution. No doubt there are some who have attempted to do so. In the next paragraph I talk about some who did try. It is difficult for the student who has gone into debt for the classes in question to go as far as to drop the class (which was not what was being implied for the student to do in the quote above. This is just what some might think the student should do.) and pay to take it all over again a second time. I wonder if it would be a better idea that those who might be wanting to support and encourage the students to make such a stand also be willing to donate the financial backing for them as well. Just thinking out loud.

It is far easier for those who haven’t taken the class to not take it or take it somewhere else than for someone already financially committed to make a the stand. Praise the Lord if they do but… I believe there is a better way from other sources than the ones who have already paid out the money. The Collage already has the money so there doesn’t seem to be much impact from the student’s position at that point.

About 10 years ago I have had members of my church who were attending La Sierra come to me asking what they should do about this problem of the teachers teaching Evolution in their class. They said that there was no recourse for them to take. The teacher would basically ignore them on the subject and any attempt they made to talk with the faculty was also snubbed. And now, 10 years later we are seeing that the problem has not been dealt with. Have the Board of Trustees done enough with their reaffirmation statement? Not even close!

Defining Adventism: A poll
OK, am I not understanding what has just happened with this poll? I don’t believe that it was worded in a clear and simple way for people to understand what they voted for. The majority voted yes but as I read the majority of those commenting on this site I tend to believe they have misunderstood the question. It says, “Is there a limit to how many of these fundamental beliefs a professor may openly reject and still be considered an adequate representative of the church?” Another way to say this is “Should we allow a professor to openly reject any one of the 28 fundamental beliefs and still consider them an adequate representative of the church?” I voted no. They may be struggling with any one or more of them in their private lives as we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and seek for His forgiveness and overcoming power in our lives. We are Seventh-day Adventists because we believe these Fundamental teachings to be taught clearly in the Word of God. This does not mean that we all have come to the point where each believer has learned to live up to their beliefs entirely. However, to “openly reject” any one of these beliefs and to teach others so is grounds for correction and probation. The open rejection is the key here.

GYC Q&A addresses universities who hire and protect evolutionists
I believe that

Gerald: I thought the black sister tried too hard to be political in her answers. A recognition of Biblical roles was bereft in her answer about women. Where is the affirmation that heaven reserves for the mother in the home?It is lost in the feminist hoopla.

Ella Simmons did a very good job answering the question posed to her. I’ve seen both men and women manipulating for position and others who are simply following the leading of the Holy Spirit. How sad to think that God does not have work for women in and out of the home. God has used women throughout time in varied leadership positions outside of the home yet without a Women’s Lib. type of spirit. Ellen G. White is certainly a perfect example.