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@Shane Hilde:

Unethical? Look who’s talking! Turn the tables, will you? It is the PROFESSOR who has breached trust.

“Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops” Luke 12:3

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Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
@Stephen Vicaro:

You believe in creation. What kind? A literal, 6-day creation? With Lazarus and many healings, did Jesus impart life instantly by His Word, or did it require a long time to take effect? …same power at work in the beginning. When He comes in glory, will your corrupted body be changed in the twinkling of an eye, resurrected with a shout, or left to evolve for, say, a thousand years?

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine

Shane’s a HERO; not a hypocrite.

(I’ll bet that’s your favorite, oft quoted Bible text.)

I suppose you think Ellen White plagiarized, too?

Is that the best you can do–threaten a law suit? Then I guess the REAL issue stands uncontroverted: Professors teaching heresy. [edit]

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
@Bill Garber:

“The Holy Spirit enabled…”? [edit] The Spirit NEVER contradicts Himself. These teachings plainly violate the Bible and SOP.

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Thanks for sharing the excerpts, Shane. I welcome comments at the source article, as well as other pieces I’ve written.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
Geraty asks, “Since when is salvation by correct knowledge anyway?”

Answer: Never. But this is not an issue of knowledge; it is an issue of faith. Theistic evolutionists who think they have better “knowledge” than the rest of us, need to recognize the Love Chapter maxim, “we know in part” and that their data and interpretations may be nowhere near as correct as they suppose. Jesus could cast scientific light on this issue that would completely blow them out of the water, but he wont. {See 1MCP 245.3.} In that same chapter, it is written that charity “believeth all things.” All things, that is, which Christ has taught us. And if they do not believe that EGW’s writings (which clarify this question beyond question) are the Testimony of Jesus, then they are in the wrong church, and it is deceiving; not loving, to remain here.

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@Adam Hendron: Let us remember also that the first great apostate was both brilliant, sincere, and a great orator. It takes more than these things, or perhaps much less, to be a follower of Jesus.

GC Votes to Revise SDA Fundamental #6 on Creation
@Kevin Paulson:

Dr. Bietz may not be ashamed of himself, but he ought not be in the employ of the church. Having had personal audience with him while attending Southern, I’m not at all surprised at his words.

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@Eddie: “Can and will” does not imply this is so in every case. EGW makes it clear that ignorant Sundaykeepers will [though not in every case] be in heaven.